Black Bull, Most Haunted REVIEW

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CHRISTINE MILLER takes a look back at Most Haunted The Black Bull

Black Bull, Most Haunted REVIEW 1

Episode Title: The Black Bull
Location: Haworth, Yorkshire

Series: 6 Episode Number: 79
Originally broadcast: 2005

Mediums: Derek Acorah and David Wells
Parapsychologists: Dr. Ciaran O’Keeffe and Louie Savva

The Black Bull in Haworth, West Yorkshire, is a 300 year old public house steeped in literary history.

The Bronte family lived in the nearby Parsonage, while their father, the Revered Patrick Bronte was curate.

While Emily, Charlotte, and Anne were gifted writers, their only brother, the troubled Branwell Bronte was afflicted with alcoholism, and therefore it is of little surprise to hear that he was to frequent to the Black Bull pub often, merely yards from his home.

Tragically, he died of alcoholism aged just 31.

Black Bull pub Haworth
The Black Bull in Haworth

Does Bronte brother haunt Black Bull?

His restless spirit has been seen on many occasions with the pub, where Yvette Fielding, and the rest of the Most Haunted team are spending the night.

In this episode of Most Haunted, Yvette gives us a brief rundown of the history of the Black Bull pub, aforementioned, and briefly speaks of the graveyard, where up to 40,000 bodies lie – but more of that later.

In the introductory opening, Yvette states that paranormal activity within the walls of the bar include; glasses, as well as ashtrays being thrown (yes, it’s an old episode), two mysterious figures being seen, and even a ghost dog! The team are certainly in for a night….

The daytime walkaround started with Yvette being joined by the usual suspects – Parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O’Keefe, and Medium Derek Acorah, who has apparently no idea of the historical importance of the location.

He immediately picks up on the sense of illness within the Black Bull, and some form of sickness mainly confined to the chest area, within the ground floor of the building.

Derek senses family feud at Black Bull

Derek also senses a family feud, as well as mentioning that ashtrays have been thrown (hark at how old this episode is!). He mentions a possible ghost dog within the pub area.

Aware of a small man in bar, red haired, large features, in visitation. Not negative, a thinker, liked a drink to excess.

Sam tells him its TB, and this man is about 37/40, his name being “Branwell” or “Bradwell”. Close, but no cigar; at least on the young Bronte’s age.

Psychic David Wells is now part of a walkabout, and immediately acknowledges his location, all the while mentioning the apparent Branwell Bronte connection to a chair within the bar area.

By his accounts, Branwell, was NOT a pleasant character. He also mentions the famous bell within the pub that Branwell is supposedly said to ring in the dead of night, craving his final drink.   

Table tipping strategies follow with with Karl, Stuart, Richard and Derek in the dark. Some noises are heard, and Derek picks up on the Reverend Bronte, who is ashamed of Branwell.

Adjusting his language for a Reverend, Richard asks for a further sign, to again move the tale, and, from the angle of the camera, yes it indeed does. There is some table activity.

Take note, however, that there is no other camera angle available, which is a shame given that the movement appears to be coming from under the table. From spirit, or other, however, this is unclear.

Are those footsteps?

Karl and Stuart visit the outside graveyard, and insists there is someone walking, although make of the replay what you will. It does, however sound just like footsteps. But by who? And our dear Stuart disappears down a grave hole, which is nothing short of hysterical. Sorry Stu!

In short, this was an exciting and titillating episode of Most Haunted, full of apparent spooky mediumistic findings and paranormal activity.

However, I myself have it on extremely good authority that the chair in which David Wells picked up on as being Branwell Bronte’s chair, is in fact a nothing but a replica.   

Read more about haunted pubs in Haworth, West Yorkshire here.

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  1. Branwell Bronte was definitely not a pleasant person at this stage of his life. He was far gone into alcoholism, TB and self pity, blackmailing the woman he claimed to love and making his father and Sisters’ lives a nightmare. Charlotte, once the sibling closest to him, found it very hard to grieve for Branwell when his blighting presence was finally removed.

  2. Shortly before Stuart falls in the graveyard, there is blatantly a crouching figure lurking beyond him, about 15 feet away, which lumbers towards him. Before I could entirely fathom it, Stuart suddenly falls. The two things looked consequential: that the lumber led to Stuart falling. I thought they’d mention it immediately on the show, that maybe it was a crew member, or ‘what the hell was that?” But they don’t even mention it, not in the edit, or as something noticed later. It’s clear to see. I don’t really understand it. I can’t be the only person who saw it. It’s about the most eye-catching exposure of a possible ghost that I’ve ever seen.


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