Jamaica Inn, Most Haunted REVIEW


BECKY KEANE takes a look back at Most Haunted: Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn Most Haunted

Episode Title: Jamaica Inn
Location: Bodmin Moor, Cornwall
Series: 4 Episode Number: 41
Originally broadcast: 2004

REVIEW:  In this episode the Most Haunted crew investigate the  famous Cornish Jamaica Inn. Settled in the vast landscape of Bodmin Moor,  the 18th Century Inn is reputedly haunted by several ghosts. After having visited the inn myself, I can vouch for the eeriness due to its solitary location. Most Haunted describes their investigation of the inn as one of its spookiest ever.

Phil Whyman the parapsychologist carries out a baseline test and places trigger objects to encourage activity. He mentions that most of the ghost stories are embellished, but a focused investigation is needed as a good sense of atmosphere can be detected just by viewing.

The usual walk around with Derek Acorah the medium starts. He links in with Sam (spirit guide) to name the spirits that are said to haunt there but no records can be found to substantiate this.

In Room 5, Derek is asked for names of the ghosts haunting the room, he seems to distract from question. Now having seen Derek Acorah as well, he gave me quite intimate details of certain aspects of my life, he didn’t do this in his readings.

Postcard showing Jamaica Inn in the 1950s

Later on in the investigation the crew seem to hear noises and try to debunk what they have heard, as all crews should do. A different group returns to Room 5 later on. Yvette gets frightened by the activity the crew reported. Ian Lawman another medium, tries to investigate the activity they are experiencing by checking outside the room. He turns around and says someone has ran into the bathroom, and the bedroom door was pulled out of his hand, to which no one reacts. Several light anomalies are captured in Room 5. Ian Lawman starts to get  emotional as he seems to be linking in to a spirit, he goes into so disturbing detail of what he says happened to the spirit. He then tries to cross the spirit over and then reports to the crew that the room seems warmer than before and all the crew seems to agree. Ian Lawman seems to influence the crew resulting in the crew being very aware of their surroundings.

The crew then investigates the generator room, and Derek tells the crew the atmosphere isn’t good, resulting in the crew being jumpy. He comes up with names of  spirits and a murder victim, the names relate to two previous innkeepers, but no more is known about them on record according to Most Haunted.

Derek seems to influence  the crews feelings and emotions in this part of the investigation, one of which Phil tries to debunk to no avail. Mass panic grips the group when Stuart screams out resulting in the crew nearly bumping into a support pole. Swearing and panic ensues after the crew apparently gourd a spirit into activity too make them leave.
In the monitored locations no evidence was caught on camera. Is it coincidence that the crew got responses when asking for questions?

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