Psychic readings: Secrets from a medium on what to expect

Psychic readings can be done in various methods.
Psychic readings can be done in various methods.

Medium ANDY CHAPLIN tells us what you should expect if you decide to have psychic readings
As a medium who has provided psychic readings for almost 20 years, I often have people ask me what a medium actually does and what they should expect from a psychic reading. This is a quick little guide to answer those questions.

How to choose the best reader for your psychic readings

This is a tricky one, because in my opinion different people are suited to different readers and go for different reasons.
Some clients prefer a reader who is more fluffy, caring, empathic and handles their reading with love.
Whereas other people want their reader to put all that aside and be very blunt, straightforward and matter of fact about everything, telling it exactly how it is.
The bottomline: I’d say really is go by a mixture of gut feeling and personal recommendation.
Go with a reader that someone you know has been to and has had a good reading from them.
Even this isn’t necessarily a barometer of a truly great reading because a reader might do really well with one person, yet not get a thing for someone else – such is the nature of the work (I’ve had this happen myself).

Types of psychic readings

Defining the type of psychic reading you wish to have is a good start, there are so many available: astrological, birth charts, psychic, mediumistic, runes, palmistry, psychometry, tarot, i-ching, crystal ball and probably many more.
Generally speaking a psychic reading is usually more about current life circumstances and often predicting the future, whereas a mediumistic reading is usually more about connecting with the soul of a loved one in Spirit and passing messages of love and support. (The kind of psychic readings that Derek Acorah and other mediums do.)
Aspects from both of these can of course cross over into each other. Choose which appeals to yourself and define what you want to get from the reading, don’t be afraid to ask the reader beforehand what they offer and tell them what you want from the experience

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The costs and timings involved in psychic readings

These can vary immensely.
The more well-known and famous TV style mediums can obviously be very expensive, whereas your average local psychic might be cheap as chips.
In my opinion, if you pay more for a well-known medium you may just be paying for the name.
I have come across some excellent local reasonably priced readers who give terrific readings and I have spoken to some people who have had very mediocre readings from even the most famous ones.
On average expect to pay about £30 for half an hour or about £60 for an hour.
Yes, that works out as £1 per minute – but bear in mind how much you’d be paying just to have your hair done, a mechanic to fix your car, calling out a plumber, electrician or to have a therapy session, counselling or psychologists’ attention for an hour.
It all works out in the end.
Much as readers love their work, they still have to pay the electricity bill and put food on the table !

Come to your psychic reading with the right mindset

There’s two things that can ruin a psychic reading for yourself. Either keeping completely quiet or blurting out your entire life story – don’t do either!
There are some people who are terrified of giving anything away at all, so tightly guarded that all this does is create a massive energetic block, impenetrable to the reader. This is not helpful at all. We all have the ability to energetically guard ourselves from others and although useful for keeping energy vampires at bay (a topic for another day), it is detrimental to a reading.
The other extreme is the blurters – these are people who go in and before the reader has even had a chance to tune-in, the client has already told them loads of details. This also isn’t helpful, as it is the reader’s job to pick up on key details and relay them, not to be influenced by the client.
The information needs to come from the reader to the client, all the client needs to do is confirm yes or no. In short, go in with the mindset of being open, ready to have the reading and pretty much only communicate whether what the reader says makes sense and ask about things that don’t make sense.
Remember, some information is future stuff that hasn’t happened yet.
Try not to go in with high expectations or a mental tick list of “They’re only a good reader if they get my dog’s name, the date of birth of my grandmother, my mobile number and how many pairs of pants are in my top drawer.” That’s not realistic. Just be open-minded, is all we ask – we don’t want your life story and any good reader really will try their best to help you. It is in everyone’s interests for the psychic reading to be a success.
Work with the reader, not against them but this does not mean feed them all the information either.

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Give it time for your psychic reading

No reader can ever be 100% accurate, we simply try our best.
Psychic readings, especially future based ones, often deal with “likely probable future outcomes if situations carry on as they are” rather than “This is set in stone and will definitely happen”.
I believe the future is maleable, fluid and can change with intention, action or inaction. A client needs to understand that sometimes it can take time for things to manifest, if at all and indeed timings can be a little off. Not everything said may come true but then again it might be bang on target. Who knows? In theory, the reader – but it doesn’t always work out that way.
For this reason, it’s not a good idea to visit a reader too often as there may not be enough time elapsed for any new information to arise.
I’d recommend only seeing a reader perhaps twice a year, every six months or so – and only seeing one sooner if a life circumstance has significantly occurred enough to warrant one that early.
ANDY CHAPLIN, from Tuned In Events, conducts private 121 psychic readings, group party bookings, Skype sessions and demos throughout the South East of the UK. For more information, please call 07788 142 920 or email for a no-obligation informal chat about what you might be looking for.


  1. I really appreciate how you mentioned that it’s important to choose a psychic that has been recommended by someone you trust or who has good reviews because this could be a sign that you could get a good reading from them.


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