Steve Parsons’ Short History of Ghost Hunting VIDEO


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In this video, veteran ghost hunter Steve Parsons talks to DAVID SAUNDERSON about the evolution of paranormal investigation, a journey from Harry Price to the digital age

Old-time ghost hunting equipment - history of ghost hunting
Old-time ghost hunting equipment

The quest to understand the unknown has fascinated humanity for centuries. From early pioneers like Harry Price to today’s tech-savvy investigators, the field of paranormal research has evolved dramatically. This video offers a glimpse into the colourful tapestry of methods, ethics, and technologies that shape modern paranormal investigations.

Summary of video

Harry Price, often considered the father of modern paranormal investigation, set the stage for today’s researchers. His meticulous methods, including the use of calibrated recording thermometers and infrared photography, have inspired countless investigators. Although his work at places like Borley Rectory left many questions unanswered, it paved the way for a more scientific approach to studying the paranormal.

Today’s investigators have a wide array of technological tools at their disposal, from thermal imaging cameras to EVP recorders. However, the video raises an important question: Where should we set the bar for what constitutes ‘proof’? The answer varies, often depending on the equipment and methodologies employed.

Ethical considerations have always been at the forefront of paranormal research. Publications like the ‘Guidance Notes for Investigators of Spontaneous Cases‘ written by Steve Parsons for the Society for Psychical Research offer invaluable advice on conducting ethical and effective investigations.

From Harry Price’s savvy use of media to today’s social media platforms, public perception of paranormal investigations has always been influenced by the media. While these platforms offer a way to share findings and engage with a broader audience, they also pose the risk of misinformation and sensationalism.

As technology continues to advance and our understanding of the paranormal becomes more nuanced, the field is ripe for further exploration. Ethical guidelines, technological innovations, and rigorous scientific methods will continue to shape the future of paranormal investigation.

For a deeper dive into the fascinating world of paranormal research, from its historical roots to its modern methodologies, we highly recommend watching the full video below.

Watch A Short History of Ghost Hunting with Steve Parsons


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