Stocksbridge Bypass, England’s most haunted highway


Horrors haunt the Stocksbridge Bypass linking Sheffield to Manchester in the north of England, says RICK HALE

Stocksbridge Bypass
Stocksbridge Bypass

When a person thinks of a haunted place, their mind may think of an old rundown house that just looks like it should be haunted.

Or perhaps, they may think of an ancient cemetery with unreadable, moss covered tombstones protecting the mortal remains of the dearly departed.

One would hardly think that miles upon miles of a modern highway would be haunted by the troubled souls of the dead.

Stocksbridge bypass, is one such road. And if the stories of this much traveled road is true, it could very well be the most haunted road in Britain.

Bypass Of The Dead

Linking Sheffield to Manchester, construction began on Stocksbridge Bypass in 1987.

Almost immediately after construction began, workers complained of eerie sights and sounds that defied rational thought.

Workers reported hearing the giggling voices of children singing and seeing them playing in a field where no child should be.

On a number of occasions work had to halt working when equipment inexplicably ceased to operate properly. Sometimes, not at all.

And broken equipment wasn’t the only thing that caused the construction to slow down. Workers were so scared, they walked off the job, never to return.

A Night Of Terror

Regardless of what time of the day it was, the ghosts of the construction site were always busy. 

Nevertheless, one night in particular turned up the horror and two unsuspecting security guards were treated to an experience they would never forget.

On a late night in 1987, two security guards were patrolling the construction site when they caught a glimpse of something out of the ordinary.

Several children, in clothing from a long dead era were laughing and playing in the field where workers reported a similar incident.

When the two guards rushed to question the children, they simply vanished leaving the guards in stunned silence.

They checked the area for any signs of the children but were unable to find even so much as a footprint.

As they stood in the field, mystified by what they were experiencing, they became intensely aware they were being watched.

Looking towards the newly constructed Pearoyd Bridge, a terrifying sight met their eyes.

Standing silently on the bridge looking down at them was the shadowy figure of a large man in a black robe and hood.

His probing, malevolent eyes seemingly staring directly into their souls causing a visceral feeling of fear.

When the guards regained their senses, they jumped into their car and drove to the bridge never taking their eyes off the strange man.

When they pulled up behind him, their fear returned when they realized the lights passed through his heavy black robe. The hooded figure vanished and the guards fled in terror.

The Police Become Involved

When they returned to the office, they were met by their supervisor who could tell the two guards were shaken to their cores.

Upon hearing their story that sounded like something out of a spine chilling horror film, he called the police.

Two police officers were dispatched to the work site to look into the bizarre matter.

They had no doubt the guards had seen something, but ghosts, how absurd. Their scepticism would soon come crashing down around them.

Driving out to the site, the two veteran cops turned their car off and sat in silence hoping to at least see something.

After a couple hours one officer broke the silence with a bloodcurdling scream.

His partner snapped his head around to see the torso of a man pressed against the window.

The officer jumped out of the car to apprehend what he thought was a joker. But when he came around the front of the car, the figure vanished.

The two officers were suddenly overcome with an intense feeling of dread and frightening sounds filled the once quiet night. 

Convinced something strange was going on, they returned to the precinct and filed their report.

In it, they detailed how on their way back they could hear the unmistakeable sound of heavy fists banging on the rear of the car. A night of terror had come to an end. 

Further Activity

Since that night in 1987, construction of the bypass came to an end, but the horror continued.

Several eyewitnesses came forward with similar reports of ghostly activity along the bypass.

Travellers have reported seeing spectral children playing in the field. As well as the phantom monk walking along the road, his head bowed in silent prayer.

One couple in 1997, feared they ran a pedestrian over when he suddenly appeared in front of their car.

When they got out to investigate, they found nothing. No injured person was anywhere to be found.

Statistically, Stocksbridge Bypass has the worst record of automobile accidents in the country.

While reporting accidents, drivers stated that someone suddenly appeared before their cars, causing them to lose control.

Either the ghosts of Stocksbridge Bypass delight in playing pranks on drivers. Or, perhaps it’s a sinister plan to add to their numbers.

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