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Are alien abductions real or just figments of people’s imagination? Whatever the case, they are truly terrifying!

Did Ancient UFOs Commit Alien Abductions in England in 664AD?

Alien Abduction
LES HEWITT looks at strange events at ancient monasteries in first millennium England which may have been alien abductions...

Charles Jevington’s Mysterious Journey to the Stars

Charles Jevington
Did a Cumbrian pensioner really travel to other planets in the 1950s? LES HEWITT looks at the mystery surrounding Charles Jevington's disappearance

5 Unexplained UFO sightings in London

RICK HALE delves through the archives to discover 5 Unexplained UFO sightings in London

4 sceptical reasons against Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction
Think alien abduction is all codswallop? Here are four reasons why you might be correct, says RICK HALE

Alan Godfrey and the Yorkshire Alien Abduction

In 1980, Yorkshire policeman Alan Godfrey claimed he was abducted by aliens. RICK HALE looks back on this fascinating case.


Spirits abound at haunted Sandford Orcas Manor, Dorset

Sanford Orcas Manor
RICK HALE considers Sandford Orcas Manor in Dorset, a candidate for Britain's most haunted building you've probably never heard of...

Leicestershire’s 13 Most Haunted Places

Guildhall Leicester, Leicestershire
Here are 13 of the most haunted places in Leicestershire. These places are filled with tales of woe and death and create experiences of fright and terror, says CALLUM CAMPBELL.

The Haunting of Redwood Castle, County Tipperary

Redwood Castle
ANN MASSEY heads to spooky Redwood Castle, County Tipperary, in Ireland, to catch up with Púca Paranormal for a night of ghostly investigation...

County Sligo: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Drumcliffe Church Sligo
PETULA MITCHELL tells us of her five favourite haunted places to visit in County Sligo, Ireland

Shadows (S1, E6) Dutch Schlitz’s Shoes REVIEW

Russell Hunter (as Mr. Stabs) and Kenneth Caswell (as Luko) in Sahdows: Dutch Schlitz's Shoes (1975)
An evil magician gets an unwelcome surprise when he steals a dead gangster’s footwear. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES on...