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Do you believe? The UK and Ireland has many documented cases of UFO sightings to make one wonder whether aliens do exist!


Marion Goodfellow: Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts, Most Haunted VIDEO

Medium Marion Goodfellow talks to Spooky Isles about her adventures on top paranormal television shows...

A Final Farewell from Abigail Whalley

DEBORAH CONTESSA looks at the disturbing murder of a eccentric Blackpool widow Abigail Whalley in 1931

7 Must-See Picks from Boris Karloff's Last Decade

Boris Karloff Appointment in Samara
Horror legend Boris Karloff was a fading star in the 1960s. But he still produced some genuine classics. Guest writer STEPHEN JACOBS selects some of the best of Karloff's later films.

17 Scream and Scream Again facts you must know

PETER FULLER provides 17 things you must know about Scream and Scream Again (1970)

Is Elizabeth College Guernsey’s most haunted building?

Haunted Elizabeth College in Guernsey
Ghosts walk the halls with the students of Guernsey's Elizabeth College, says RICK HALE
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