Tag: Highgate

Highgate is a suburb in North London, which is noted for Highgate Cemetery, one of London’s largest cemeteries.


How BBC’s Dracula Paid Homage to Horror History

Dracula BBC 2020
BRONTÉ SCHILTZ explores how the BBC's Dracula miniseries from 2020 dug deep to revitalise the classic vampire story

Rosalie and the Séance that Spooked Harry Price

The Rosalie Séance was one of famed ghosthunter Harry Price's most controversial investigations. COHEN MATTHEWS looks at what happened in London on that night in 1937...

Does Berkshire have a Ghost Bear?

Does Berkshire have a ghost bear?
JEAN SHORNEY recalls a family legend of a ghost bear first seen on a hunting trip in 1930s Berkshire

10 Hellraiser Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Hellraiser 1987 facts
KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS picks 10 Hellraiser facts about the daddy of all British 1980s horrors, Hellraiser (1987)

Mary Shelley and The Birth of Frankenstein

SARAH PARKIN examines how England's greatest gothic horror novel Frankenstein came to be and its affect when it was released...
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