Tag: Lost Horror Films

Through cinema history, films have been lost for various reasons. Spooky Isles laments Lost Horror Films and tries to fill the void with articles about them.


Is Chicksands Priory England’s Most Haunted House? VIDEO

Author Damien O'Dell talks to Spooky Isles about his latest book, a ghostly history of Chicksands Priory, a top-secret UK Intelligence centre in Bedfordshire.

Hammer Dracula films, ranked from best to worst

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES ranks these Hammer Dracula films in order from best to worst!

Shadows (S1, E7) The Other Window REVIEW

A Fresnel Lens provides an unexpected window into the past. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES ends series one in his Shadows episode guide with The Other Window.

A Railway for the Dead

Necropolis Station Waterloo
NICOLA CARPENTER looks back at the time Victorian London was overflowing with its dead and they had to build a railway to sort the problem out!

West Yorkshire’s Most Haunted Places to Visit

West Yorkshire
ANDY OWENS picks his favourite ghost stories and haunted places in spooky West Yorkshire
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