Tag: Lost Horror Films

Through cinema history, films have been lost for various reasons. Spooky Isles laments Lost Horror Films and tries to fill the void with articles about them.

The Tell-Tale Heart 1953 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES celebrates the rediscovery of lost British horror gem, The Tell-Tale Heart 1953

Castle Sinister 1932: Story behind the lost British horror

Castle Sinister is one the BFI's Most Wanted List
MARK FRYERS stitches together what is known about lost British horror classic, Castle Sinister 1932

Did ‘Drakula halála’ predate Nosferatu as first Dracula film?

BARRY McCANN looks at the legend behind the first Dracula film - Drakula halála (1921)

Would watching London after Midnight be a let down?

Lon Chaney in London After Midnight
BARRY McCANN discusses the most sort-after lost silent horror film, London After Midnight (1927) starring Lon Chaney

5 Missing British Horror Films

Maria Marten and the Mystery of the Red Barn 1913
RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES laments the lost of some classic British horror films

Symptoms 1974 REVIEW

Angela Pleasence Symptoms 1974
RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES reviews José Ramón Larraz's forgotten classic, Symptoms 1974

The Head of Janus 1920, FW Murnau’s Lost Jekyll and Hyde

Head of Janus 1920
The Head of Janus may be the greatest lost horror film you've never heard of!

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 1908

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 1908
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 1908, the first version of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, is unfortunately lost.


5 Deadly Welsh Curses That Could Destroy Your Life

Welsh Curses
CLAIRE BARRAND lists five deadly curses embraced by the Welsh in times gone by.

Royal Tunbridge Wells: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Royal Tunbridge Wells
NIA JONES checks out five of Royal Tunbridge Wells’s spookiest places…

The Spirit Of Dark And Lonely Water

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at a not-so-obvious icon of Brit-horror, the 1970s Public Information Film

Incense for the Damned 1970 REVIEW

Incense for the Damned
Horror legend DAVID McGILLIVRAY reviews Incense for the Damned 1970

Dr Who: 10 Things You Might Not Know About The Daemons

Dr Who The Daemons
CHRIS NEWTON reveals some interesting facts about 1971 Dr Who serial The Daemons...