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Sutherland is an historic county in Scotland.


The Stranglers of Bombay 1959 REVIEW

Stranglers of Bombay 1959
The Stranglers of Bombay 1959 presents an interesting and little-addressed historical subject treated in several unusual ways, writes TERRY SHERWOOD

Spooks at The Theatre on the Steps, Bridgnorth

Do multiple witnesses to a seemingly paranormal event necessarily all experience the same thing? ANDREW HOMER looks at a case at The Theatre on the Steps to discover the answer!

What happened on Friday the 13th July, 1894?

Friday the 13th July 1894 was a miserably unlucky day, reports ANDREW GARVEY

5 Mysterious Devon Folklore Tales

Devil's Footprints - Devon Folklore
CHRISTINE MILLER tells us of five of the most fascinating Devon Folklore Tales

Attacked by a UFO: The Robert Taylor Incident

Robert Taylor
A Livingston man walking his dog found himself under attack from an alien spaceship on day in 1979. RICK HALE tells the story...
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