Worcester: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

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Worcester is located in the central area of the West Midlands, which some say is the most haunted part of England. The city boasts great attractions including haunted places you can visit.


1. Worcester Cathedral

King John was a wicked king who was known for his bullying nature and harsh taxation.

No matter how wicked he was, he seemed to have a soft spot for the city of Worcester and this became clear on his death bed as he ordered the people to bury him at the Worcester Cathedral, in between St Oswald and St Wulfstan.

His wish was granted and since then the tomb has been opened several times. He asked to be dressed as a monk in an attempt to raise his chances of getting into heaven.

However, when his tomb was opened in 1797, what was seen as an ancient cowl firmly wrapped around his skull.

Worcester Cathedral Crypt

2. Mug House Inn, Worcester

The Mug House Inn was built upon the grounds of the old Claines Church graveyard and the building itself is more than 700 years old. Because of its history, the inn sits on top of the corpses of thousands of people who were buried there over many centuries.

It is believed that the inn is haunted by some of the ghosts of these corpses. There have been reports of people hearing footsteps coming from people they can’t see.

People have also seen doors being flung open and slammed shut as well as things moving about on their own in the cellar. Noises have been heard all over the inn and dogs become rather hostile when taken near certain rooms.

3. The Cardinal’s Hat, Worcester

Through the 12th century to the 16th, the Cardinal’s Hat served as shelter to pilgrims that made it into England. The place was regularly threatened by fires and it went through several name changes.

It was not until the 1950s though that suspicions of the inn being haunted began to rise.

Each landlord that took charge realized that the place was haunted with the temperature of one of the specific bedrooms being turned significantly higher when a strange event took place.

Many people have experienced this sharp change in the room’s temperature with some people even reporting seeing a young lady wearing a white nightdress roaming around the corridor outside. 

4. The Commandery, Worcester

The Commandery has lasted for about 800 years and it has been used for several different functions ranging from an alehouse to a home and a Chapel.

The major ghost that haunts the Commandery is that of the Duke of Hamilton who died there due to injuries sustained during the Battle of Worcester.

He was buried under the floor of the building before his body was taken out and buried in the Worcester Cathedral.

It is believed that the Duke’s ghost haunts the Solar room with many visitors witnessing a strong presence when they go into the room. Other ghosts have been reported there like that of a crying woman and a ghostly monk.

5. Worcester Guildhall

The Worcester Guildhall building dates all the way back to the 18th century.

Many different ghostly figures have been reported to haunt the rooms and loud screams have been heard coming from the cells as well as the strong odour of perfume floating in the air.

People have also spoken about seeing the ghost of a young boy in one of the cells, and strangely enough, a young boy did hang himself there years ago.

Have you seen a ghost in Worcester? Tell us about your haunted or strange experiences in Worcester it in the comments section below!


  1. I have seen 2 different “ghosts” in the crypt of Worcester cathedral. More tableau than singular. containing 3 in one group and 4 in another.


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