London Haunts and Horrors is proud to present a talk by the legendary David Farrant, who will explore the myths and realities of the world-renown Highgate Vampire case.

Discover how a ghost reported since the Victorian era became hijacked by the 1970s vampire craze – and reduced to an urban myth.
What really exists at Highgate Cemetery, and if it was a vampire, allegedly staked in the 1980s, why do people still encounter it today?
How did a relatively harmless ghost lead to a sensational Old Bailey ‘witch trial’?
David Farrant explains the facts of this infamous case, exposes the vampire hoax and explores the unanswerable – just what IS the Highgate ‘vampire’?

About David Farrant and the Highgate Vampire

David Farrant rose to international notoriety during the early 1970s because of his role in the Highgate ‘vampire’ scare which was dominating the headlines of the popular press.
Branded a Satanist, black magician and necromancer, he was sentenced to nearly 5 years imprisonment at his infamous and corrupt Old Bailey ‘witch trial’ in 1974, the first trial of its sort since 1944 – despite the witchcraft Act being officially repealed in 1951.
But Farrant, then a practicing Wiccan High Priest, has always maintained that the rituals which he undertook in Highgate Cemetery were intended to counteract the activities of real Satanists who had invoked the entity which is still seen today in and around the cemetery –  the same apparition which has become branded (albeit erroneously) a ‘vampire’.
Encouraged by his mother to embrace spiritualism and the ‘Old Religion’ from a young age,  Farrant has devoted his life to psychical research, delving into the origins of unexplained phenomena across the UK. He is founder President of the British Psychic and Occult Society (est. 1967), and the author of ‘Beyond The Highgate Vampire’ and many articles pertaining to the paranormal and mysticism, about which he is regularly asked to give talks and broadcasts.
Still resident in Highgate, Farrant is married and has two grown up sons.

The Talk: “The Highgate Vampire: Fact or Fiction? Talk with David Farrant” will be held on Monday, 23rd September, at The Green, Clerkenwell, from 7.30pm. Purchase your tickets here at London Haunt and Horrors or here at Eventbrite.

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