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To the Devil a Daughter (1976) REVIEW

David Saunderson13th March 2015
Dennis Wheatley

Dennis Wheatley and The Haunted Airman

Simon Ball17th February 2015
St Marys Clophill Church

The Curse of Clophill Church

Guest Writer12th February 2015
The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill Book

The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill, The True Story of Clophill’s Black Magic Church BOOK REVIEW

Selene Paxton-Brooks11th February 2015
Night of the Demon

Bell, Book and Camera: The Occult in Film

Jon Kaneko-James1st February 2015
A plaque to Grissel Jaffray in Dundee, Scotland
Dark History

Grissel Jaffray, Dundee’s Last Witch Burning

Staff Writer5th November 2014
Dublin's Hellfire Club
Dark History

Disturbing history of Dublin’s Hellfire Club

Staff Writer8th September 2014
W.B. Yeats

W.B. Yeats, poet and paranormalist

Paul Moynihan4th September 2014
Robert Wentworth Little
Dark History

What was The Golden Dawn?

Jon Kaneko-James20th August 2014
The makings of a grand plan: Dana Andrews in Night of the Demon (1978) and Led Zepplin's

Led Zeppelin, Runes, Rock And Revenge

Richard Phillips-Jones9th August 2014
Wyrd Britain
Dark History

Jack O’Kent, the Welsh Doctor Faustus

Staff Writer30th July 2014
Gerald of Wales
Dark History

Welsh Historians and the Medieval Occult

Jon Kaneko-James28th July 2014
The cast from Strange

Telly Tomb’s got something Strange for you

Simon Ball19th July 2014
A witch being executed
Dark History

Isobel Gowdie, Witch of Auldearn

MJ Steel Collins18th July 2014
Maggie Wall the Wtich Who Never Was
Dark History

The Maggie Wall Witchcraft Monument, Dunning

Staff Writer17th July 2014
David Farrant talks to Paul Adams and David Saunderon for the Spooky Isles Podcast

PODCAST: David Farrant Interview

Staff Writer13th July 2014
Samuel Pepys
Dark History

The Paranormal Life of Samuel Pepys

Jon Kaneko-James18th June 2014
Waking the Witch

Bridget Cleary, Waking the Witch film director interview

Ann O'Regan14th June 2014
Waking the Witch

Sneak Peek Review of Waking the Witch

Paul Moynihan14th June 2014

An Interview with an Irish Demonologist

Paul Moynihan26th May 2014
Kilkea Castle
Dark History

The Wizard Earl of Kildare

Ann O'Regan15th February 2014
A Very British Witchcraft

A Very British Witchcraft REVIEW

Katie Doherty18th August 2013
Huw Llwyd of Cynfal Fawr

Huw Llwyd of Cynfal Fawr, The Mercenary & Sorcerer of North Wales

Nia Jones26th July 2013
Stradbroke Village
Dark History

Toads, Witches and Murder in Stradbroke Village, Suffolk

Tracy Monger22nd July 2013
Bridget Cleary
Dark History

The 1895 “Witch-Burning” of Bridget Cleary

Andrew Garvey25th June 2013