Carlisle: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

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Carlisle is a vibrant city in Cumbria, known for its impressive castle and beautiful parks. With a colourful history dating back to Roman times, it’s no surprise that Carlisle is home to a number of haunted locations. Here are five of the most haunted places in Carlisle.

Carlisle: 5 Haunted Places to Visit 1

Carlisle Railway Station, Court Square, Carlisle CA1 1QZ

The Carlisle Railway Station is a stunning Grade II listed station constructed in the gothic and neo-Tudor style. The station has been faithfully serving the area since September 1847, but it is also known for its haunting encounters that date back to two train collisions. The first incident took place in June 1961 and the second occurred in May 1984, when a freight train destroyed Caldew bridge.

Since then, station staff and commuters have reported encounters with three separate entities. The first is a headless man seen walking around platform 8. The second is a woman in a Victorian era gown with a veil covering her face, while the third is a young boy wandering the station with tears in his eyes, possibly searching for his parents who were victims of one of the collisions.

Paranormal groups have conducted investigations at the station, each time with evidence backing up the eyewitness claims. Despite the haunting occurrences, the station remains an important transport hub in northern England.

Dalston Hall Hotel, Dalston, Carlisle CA5 7JX

Dalston Hall Hotel in Carlisle is a Grade II listed country house known for its hospitality and many resident ghosts. Built by John Dalston in 1500, the house passed through several owners until it was converted into a luxury country house hotel in 1971.

With more than 500 years of history, the hotel is home to several ghosts that have attracted the attention of paranormal investigators, including Lady Jane Grey, a former queen who visited the hall before her execution. Her ghost has been seen walking in the gallery above the manorial hall.

Visiting psychics have also claimed to see a black fog that delights in scaring people, a ghostly workman in the cellar who takes pride in his work, and the phantom of an abused girl who is dragged by a brutish man. The hotel’s other ghosts include Emily, a young woman who died of a broken heart, and three women and a little girl who silently watch on the stairs before vanishing.

Carlisle Castle, Castle Way, Carlisle CA3 8UR

Carlisle Castle has a long and troubled history dating back to its construction in 1093 by William II. The Norman-style motte and bailey castle, built on the site of an old Roman fort, has been a witness to many violent events, leading to rumours of ghostly encounters.

The castle has changed hands several times, and its keep has been used as a prison for centuries. The castle’s most infamous ghost is the phantom lady, who has been seen multiple times since the discovery of a skeleton of a woman dressed in tartan and holding a baby bricked up inside the Captain’s Tower in 1820.

The dungeons of Carlisle Castle also bear witness to its gruesome past. During the aftermath of the Jacobite rebellion, 90 prisoners were crammed into the basement or dungeons of the keep. The lack of water forced the prisoners to lick the damp walls for sustenance, earning the name “licking stones”.

The conditions were so horrendous that some prisoners died, and the smell alone must have been unbearable. The castle’s violent history has left its mark, including the skeletal remains of a Scottish lady, possibly a victim of being bricked in alive, who haunts the castle to this day.

Carlisle Cathedral, 7 Abbey St, Carlisle CA3 8TZ

The Cathedral in Carlisle is an ancient building that has seen its share of tumultuous history. Built in the 12th century, it has been occupied by Romans, Scots and English over the centuries. It has played an important role in many historical events, including the Jacobite Risings and the English Civil War. Despite the turbulent history, the Cathedral has remained an iconic symbol of the city and a testament to the skill of its medieval architects.

But the Cathedral is not just a monument to the past. It is also home to several haunting legends that add to its intrigue. One such legend involves a secret passage that is rumoured to exist within the Cathedral. The passage’s entrance is now lost or was built over long ago, and it is said to come out within the city walls. The reason for the passage’s creation is unknown, but some speculate that it was used by monks fleeing some unimaginable terror.

Another haunting legend is associated with the effigy of a prelate within the Cathedral. The effigy was moved to another location, and each night thereafter, it was seen to rise from the floor and float over the original location. The effigy was eventually moved back to its original location, but the mystery of why it floated remains unsolved.

University of Cumbria, Brampton Road and Fusehill Street Campuses

Cumbria University dates back to the 19th century. The institution began as the Carlisle Diocesan Training College and has since grown to include multiple campuses across the region.

One of those campuses is located on Brampton Road, built on the site of the vallum for Hadrian’s Wall. According to legend, a Roman legion vanished during the construction of the wall while standing guard to protect against interference by Picts and Scots. Today, some say that on dark, misty nights, you can hear the marching of boots as the legion tries to find its way back to the vallum.

Another campus located on Fusehill Street was once a maternity hospital where over 55,000 babies were born. Today, the Blencathra building on the campus maintains a rich tradition of improving health through modern-day midwifery and nursing programs. However, some people claim to have seen a ghostly midwife wandering the corridors dressed in old nursing uniform, calling out for the owner of a wrapped-up baby. Despite many attempts, no one has ever been able to locate or identify the ghost.

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