Tag: Paranormal Investigators

We interview and profile many professional and amateur paranormal investigators in the UK and Ireland, who are seeking out the unknown.


Relentless Spirits Haunt Cumber House

Cumber House in Northern Ireland has a well-earned reputation as a very haunted place, says guest writer MARY McLAUGHLIN

London’s 6 Strangest Haunted Cemeteries

Take a look at some of London's weirdest haunted cemeteries and the ghosts that make them their home...

8 Types of Ghosts You Might Encounter on a Ghost Hunt

types of ghosts
MJ STEEL COLLINS has gone back to the classics to discover master ghost hunter Peter Underwood's thoughts on types of ghosts!

10 Great Women from Gothic Horror

KAJA FRANCK counts down 10 deadly British literary ladies

Slua Sidhe, the Fairy Shock Troop of Ireland

ANN MASSEY tells us why you should always have a piece of iron in your pocket should you cross the Slua Sidhe in Ireland.
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