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We interview and profile many professional and amateur paranormal investigators in the UK and Ireland, who are seeking out the unknown.

Anthony Kerrigan

Anthony Kerrigan, Ghost Éire INTERVIEW

Anthony Kerrigan is a paranormal investigator with Ghost Éire. ANN MASSEY finds out what make him tick!
Gloucester Paranormal Investigation Services

Gloucester Paranormal Investigation Services Interview

Spooky Isles talks to Gloucester Paranormal Investigation Services about their ghosthunting in Gloucester, an area renown for its rich and sometimes dark history.

Spectre Detectors: Elaine Kelly, Paranormal Investigator Interview

Spooky Isles speaks to Elaine Kelly, the founder of Spectre Detectors, a paranormal investigation group from County Durham

Elliott O’Donnell – was he a legitmate ghosthunter or fake?

Elliott O’Donnell is known as one of history's greatest ghosthunters - or was he just a paranormal embellisher, asks CHRISTINE MILLER
Ally Reid is a chef by day and a paranormal investigator by night!

Cooking with Ghosts: Meet Ally Reid, Scotland’s Haunted Chef

Guest writer ALLY REID gives us an insight into life as a chef by day and paranormal investigator by night
Lofus Hall in County Wexford is one of Ireland's most haunted places to visit

Back in Time Paranormal’s Favourite Irish Haunting

NATALIE FOWLER PHELAN talks to Back in Time Paranormal Team about their favourite haunting in Ireland to investigate
Andrew Fazekas, President of Luton Paranormal Society

Andrew Fazekas, Luton Paranormal Society, interview

We talk to Andrew Fazekas, President of the Luton Paranormal Society, on the joys and frustrations of paranormal investigation...
Irish Paranormal Investigations at work

Irish Paranormal Investigations, Ghost Hunting in Haunted Ireland

Spooky Isles profiles Irish Paranormal Investigations and some of the most haunted locations in Ireland they have visited...
Steve Parsons

How I became a ghost hunter, Steve Parsons reveals

Liverpool-based guest writer STEVE PARSONS tells us why he's proud to call himself a ghost hunter
Jason Hawes TAPS

Jason Hawes talks Irish hauntings and paranormal reality TV

Ghost Hunters' TV star Jason Hawes tells Spooky Isles's ANN MASSEY about his time in Ireland and bringing paranormal research to television
Jayne Harris

Jayne Harris: 15 tips for novice Ghost Hunters

DAVID SAUNDERSON seeks Paranormal researcher Jayne Harris' tips and advice for those interested in launching a career in Ghost Hunting
David Barrett

'Ghosts are here due in part to unfinished business': Paranormal Investigator David Barrett

David Barrett, a Paranormal Investigator based in Scotland, talks to MJ STEEL COLLINS about his work
Elaine Floyd

‘Ghosts are a residual energy, they do not interact with the living’: Elaine Floyd

Today we talk to Elaine Floyd about her experiences as a paranormal investigator in Northern Ireland...
Hugh Gallagher

‘It’s hard to say what makes a place haunted’: Hugh Gallagher Paranormal Investigator Interview

Today we interview County Antrim Paranormal Research Association's case manager, Hugh Gallagher
Mary Denny

Mary Denny CAPRA Paranormal Investigator Interview

Today we talk to Mary Denny about her thoughts and experiences as a paranormal investigator with County Antrim Paranormal Research Association

Michael Benson, Wexford Paranormal interview

PAUL MOYNIHAN talks to Michael Benson, founder of Wexford Paranormal and author of Haunted Wexford

Christine Donnelly, Hidden Realms Paranormal Investigators

Spooky Isles interviews Christine Donnelly, Hidden Realms Paranormal Investigators

Paul Rook, Trident Paranormal, Interview

Spooky Isles interviews PAUL ROOK from Trident Paranormal

Mickey Gocool, North London Paranormal Investigations

Spooky Isles interviews Mickey Gocool, the founder and lead investigator of North London Paranormal Investigations

Jonathon Scott, Gwent Paranormal Group, Q&A

Spooky Isles interviews Jonathon Scott from Gwent Paranormal Group in Wales

Stuart Dawson, Paranormal Investigator Q&A

Spooky Isles interviews STUART DAWSON, of Simply Ghost Nights

Mark Riley, Paranormal Investigator Interview

Spooky Isles interviews Mark Riley, paranormal investigator with Abbey Ghost Hunters, based in Scarborough

Tracey Everett, Paranormal Investigator Q&A

Spooky Isles interviews Tracey Everett, from Essex-based Pitsea Paranormal

Kim Slater, Paranormal Investigator Q&A

Spooky Isles talks to Ghost Connection's KIM SLATER about what it's like being a paranormal investigator

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