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Irish horro and ghost story writer Sheridan Le Fanu

Sheridan Le Fanu’s Ireland: 11 historic places to visit

Walk the life and story locations of legendary Irish horror and ghost story writer Sheridan Le Fanu, thanks to this guide from ANN MASSEY

Write What You Know (and how it killed J. Sheridan Le Fanu)

MICHAEL S. COLLINS describes how too much horror might have been too much for Sheridan Le Fanu!

10 Great Women from Gothic Horror

KAJA FRANCK counts down 10 deadly British literary ladies
Irish horro and ghost story writer Sheridan Le Fanu

J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s Death: What the newspapers said

ANDREW GARVEY looks at how newspapers responded to the death of horror writer, J. Sheridan Le Fanu in 1873

Schalcken the Painter 1979 BBC TV REVIEW

SIMON BALL looks at the classic 1970s BBC television production of Schalcken the Painter
Blood and Rose 1960

Carmilla films: A guide to Sheridan Le Fanu lesbian vampire influence

JIM IVERS takes a look at Carmilla films inspired by J. Sheridan LeFau's vampire classic

Carmilla: More than just a sexy vampire novel

HOWARD JACKSON looks beyond the titillation of Carmilla to discover the real meaning behind Sheridan Le Fanu's female vampire tale

Vampyr 1932 Full Movie VIDEO

Carl Dreyer's dreamlike Vampyr is original old school vampire horror
Twins of Evil

Twins of Evil 1971 REVIEW

STEPHEN MOSLEY reviews the final film in Hammer's Karnstein Trilogy - Twins of Evil!
Lust for a vampire 1971, Lust for the vampire 1971

Lust for a Vampire 1971 REVIEW

STEPHEN MOSLEY reviews the second in the Hammer Karnstein Vampire Trilogy - Lust for a Vampire!
karnstein trilogy

The Karnstein Trilogy: Hammer’s Sexy Vampires

STEPHEN MOSLEY looks at how Hammer turned Sheridan LeFanu's Camilla into the Karnstein Trilogy!

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