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Ireland’s 7 Darkest Goddesses that inspire revenge and death

Irish Goddesses are the perfect woman’s guide to revenge, infidelity, intoxication and death, says ANN MASSEY

Who is your favourite British horror actress?

As we conclude Wicked Women Week, we turn our eyes to the women who have entertained us in British horror
Mary Pearcy

Mary Pearcey, the Hampstead Murderess

Mary Pearcey committed crimes were so horrific that she's been suspected of being Jack the Ripper, says JON REES
Execution of Catherine Wilson

Catherine Wilson, the killer nurse

Poison was the preferred method of murder for 19th century Lincolnshire-born killer Catherine Wilson, says L.H. DAVIES

13 Shades of Fear: Ireland's Most Colourful Female Ghosts

ANN O'REGAN look at 13 of Ireland’s lady spectres recognised by colour.
Irish Vampire Dearg Due

The Deadly Lure of the Irish Femme Fatale

ANN MASSEY O'REGAN takes a look at the supernatural Irish Femme Fatale.

7 Creepiest Female Characters In British Horror Film History

PAUL MOYNIHAN makes a list of creepy women in British horror films
Madeleine Smith

The Strange Case of Madeleine Smith

MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals how a young Glasgow woman rocked the city with a sensational murder case in 1857

Elizabeth Sawyer, The Witch of Edmonton

JASON HOLLIS asks was Mother Sawyer a wicked woman or was she just angry because people kept calling her a witch?

Grace O'Malley, the Pirate Queen of Ireland

ANN MASSEY O’REGAN explains why being Ireland’s most feared and successful pirate was not a job for the faint hearted – or a man
The Wicked Lady

The Ghost of the Wicked Lady haunts Nomansland Common

JAY HOLLIS reveals the afterlife of a notorious 17th century highwaywoman!

Love sucks for the modern vampire girl

KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS takes a looks at the trend in television of killing of female vampires unless they successfully attach themselves to a man
Elizabeth Stile Witch of Windsor, feeds her familiars

Elizabeth Stile, the Witch of Windsor who loved being bad!

POLLYANNA JONES introduces us to Elizabeth Stile, a 16th century wicked witch who loved her black arts!
Jill the Ripper

Jill the Ripper? 5 women accused of being Jack

JON REES picks five women who have been suspected of the Jack the Ripper killings

10 Great Women from Gothic Horror

KAJA FRANCK counts down 10 deadly British literary ladies

Morgan Le Fay, the woman who stole Excalibur

NIA JONES tells us about the legendary wicked Arthurian character Morgan Le Fay for Spooky Isles' Wicked Women Week

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