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  • Folklore
    The Demon Bride of County Monaghan

    ANN O'REGAN discovers why you should never be the last to leave a funeral.

  • Dark History
    5 Irish Funeral Traditions you’re dying to know

    ANN O'REGAN says the Irish have some long-held beliefs and practices when it comes to honouring their...

  • Folklore
    Bean Nighe, the Celtic Washerwoman, Prophetess of Doom

    AMY VAN DE CASTEELE tells of Scotland's Bean Nighe, the Washerwoman at the Ford, who is a harbinger of death!

  • Dark History
    5 Very Odd Victorian Deaths

    ANDREW GARVEY gives us a few more odd Victorian deaths

  • Dark History
    What is Dead Man’s Hole in London?

    Did you know under Tower Bridge in London there is an area called Dead Man's Hole?

  • Live Theatre/Tours
    The Haunting Beauty of Highgate

    Highgate Cemetery in North London is world-famous for its monuments to the dead and its lush, haunting atmosphere

  • Paranormal
    Near Death Experiences – The Other Side

    MJ WAYLAND explores stories of Near Death Experiences and how the "white light" can be a nightmarish experience

  • Dark History
    Premature Burials in England, Part 2

    STEPHEN JACOBS continues his look at the horror of premature burials in the UK. This time it's those who didn't survive being buried alive!

  • Dark History
    Premature Burials in England, Part 1

    STEPHEN JACOBS begins his two-part series into premature burial in England with tales of victims who lived to tale their terrifying tale!

  • Dark History
    The Communal Coffin of Easingwold

    In which Yorkshire village was kept a parish coffin for the common use of all?

  • Dark History
    Mummies Get No Respect!

    Englishman Howard Carter discovered King Tut's tomb 100 years ago this year and his actions were cursed. Here’s a list showing why mummies have good reason to be angry about how they’ve been treated in recent centuries ...

  • Dark History
    The Overcrowded Afterlife

    Crunching bones saves grave space, so DAVID SAUNDERSON discovered digging up his family tree. (The Spooky Isles' Guest Blog for The Skull Illusion.)

  • Dark History
    Banshees and other Omens of Death

    The Banshee is just one of the many terrifying superstitions surrounding death and dyring in the UK and Ireland, says guest writer MATTI BEAL