The Ghoul PosterTITLE: The Ghoul
STUDIO: Gaumont-British
DIRECTOR: T. Hayes Hunter
CAST: Boris Karloff, Cedric Hardwicke, Ernest Thesiger, Ralph Richardson
PLOT: An Egyptologist seeks eternal life through a special jewel, but it all goes wrong and he returns from the grave to seek vegence on those who have wronged him
MORAL OF THE STORY: Put Boris Karloff in any film and it is a classic no matter what it is!
FUN FACT: First British Talkie Horror Film and Boris Karloff’s first British film was originally thought to be lost for many years but now is widely available
140-WORD MINI REVIEW: The Ghoul rips off The Mummy and The Old Dark House, still fun thought and worth watching as Karloff’s first UK film

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