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UK’s Scariest Ghosts: 4 Shocking Real-Life Paranormal Tales

EDDIE BRAZIL looks into four accounts of real-life scariest ghosts, which could have come straight from a Hollywood horror film.

Ghost and Hauntings

Haunted Places to Visit in UK and Ireland

5 Haunted Places to Visit on Isle of Skye

Get on your boat and head to the Isle of Skye to discover these five haunted places described by MJ STEEL COLLINS

Horror Films

Peter Cushing in From Beyond the Grave (1974)

From Beyond the Grave (1974) REVIEW

From Beyond the Grave (1974) is one of Amicus' finest horror anthologys, says SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS

Dr Crippen (1962) REVIEW

TERRY SHERWOOD takes a look at Dr Crippen (1962), starring Donald Pleasence as the despicable wife murderer...

The Amazing Mr Blunden (1972) BLU-RAY REVIEW

Classic British children’s ghost story The Amazing Mr. Blunden (1972) gets a long-overdue...

UK Haunters: Journey into British scare attraction scene

Filmmaker Dan Brownlie has looked at the British scare attraction scene - the art of haunted houses - his his new documentary UK Haunters. He talks to DAVID SAUNDERSON.

Extra Ordinary 2019 REVIEW

Extra Ordinary 2019 reviewed by ANDREW GARVEY

Spooky Isles Videos

Mary Ann Cotton and The Haunted Bench

A bench in West Auckland is haunted by the ghost of female serial killer Mary Ann Cotton, says GAYLE FIDLER

John H Shelton’s Docu-Horror asks: Do You Believe in Ghosts? FULL VIDEO

ANN O'REGAN takes a look at John H Shelton's new docu-horror 'Do You Believe in Ghosts?'

Written in Blood: Cultural History of the British Vampire Book Launch VIDEO

Video of book launch of Written in Blood; A Cultural History of the British Vampire by Paul Adams

Della Farrant, Haunted Highgate Interivew November 2014 AUDIO

Spooky Isles talks to Della Farrant, the author of Haunted Highgate, at the haunted Gatehouse pub

5 historic Sherlock Holmes/Conan Doyle places to visit in Portsmouth VIDEO

MATT WINGETT shows Spooky Isles around Portsmouth where Arthur Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes

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Learn the natural and supernatural powers and benefits of Garlic

JAMES WILLIS discovers garlic is not just for vampire hunters

9 Weird Welsh Mythical Creatures that will blow your mind!

Check out these Welsh Mythical Creatures - an arrange of the strangest you've ever seen - from NIA JONES!

Glasgow: Top 30 Haunted Places to Visit

Here's an extensive list of Glasgow's ghosts and hauntings, from MJ STEEL COLLINS - how many have you been to?
Clophill Church

Clophill Church: A sad case of desecration and myths

Clophill Church in Bedfordshire, England, is notorious for its hauntings and folklore, says NICOLA CARPENTER
What is a caulbearer

What is a Caulbearer and why is it spooky?

The legendary Caulbearer still has the power to provoke superstition and wonder, says JAMES WILLIS
Haunted Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, is packed full of haunted places to visit. SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS picks some of her favourites.

Ireland’s Top 10 Haunted Hotels

Want to spend a night in one of Ireland's many haunted hotels? ANN MASSEY has picked the 10 spookiest to scare your bed socks off!
Carry on Screaming

Carry On Screaming! 10 things you didn’t know

Carry On Screaming! - a spoof on Hammer Films - is both a is a horror and comedic delight, says guest writer ANDY DAVIDSON
Glamis Castle Scotland Earl Beardie, monster of glamis

10 chilling facts about Haunted Glamis Castle Scotland

KEITH COLEMAN reveals some secrets from the spooky halls of Haunted Glamis Castle in Scotland
Haunted Stevenage

Stevenage: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Stevenage author PAUL ADAMS picks five of the most spooky places in the Hertfordshire town to visit

Guest Articles

Langham Hotel London

Langham Hotel, haunted stay in the heart of London

The Langham Hotel in the heart of London has its fair share of famous spooks and spectres.
Walpurgis Night aka Walpurgisnacht

Walpurgis Night: What is it and why is it spooky?

Walpurgis Night - 30th April - is a spooky event named after a British saint

My Ghost Experience: Mary, Queen Of Scots

Guest writer PETER MURPHY describes his ghostly encounter with the phantom of Mary Queen of Scots!
Haunted Whitby Abbey

My Ghost Experience: The Grey Lady of Whitby

ROB LUPINE remembers some spooky goings-on during his childhood in the Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby

St Endelienta brought cows back to life!

JACOB MILNESTEIN writes that St Endelienta was an early Welsh/Cornish Saint with a good heart and the gift of resurrecting dead lords and cattle.
bedlam hospital, bedlam asylum

Where is Bedlam Asylum, London’s original madhouse?

Bedlam Asylum in London - the world's most famous mental hospital - had four different locations over the years. AMY CONNOLLY tell us where they were...
Dracula 1931 Spanish Version

Dracula 1931 (Spanish Version) REVIEW

Dracula (1931 Spanish Version) reviewed by CHRISTOPHER PAGE
The Christmas ‘Were-Wolf’

Werewolves of Wales: Everything you need to know

RHEA SEREN PHILLIPS shines a light on the Werewolves of Wales!
The Last Werewolf by Glenn Duncan

The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan BOOK REVIEW

REN ZELEN reviews The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan

The Bloody History of British Witches

Guest writer NIXIE VALE takes a look at the history of witchcraft through the ages...
Necropolis Station Waterloo

A Railway for the Dead

NICOLA CARPENTER looks back at the time Victorian London was overflowing with its dead and they had to build a railway to sort the problem out!

Andy Erupts about Dysmorphia

Spooky Isles talks to Andy Stewart, horror enthusiast from Glasgow, about his debut short film Dysmorphia
Mary Jane Kelly

Jack the Ripper Victims Graves: Their Final Resting Places

NICOLA CARPENTER reveals the locations of Jack the Ripper victims graves
Enfield Poltergiest

The Enfield Haunting can’t be explained, says Ghost Club chairman

ALAN MURDIE examines The Enfield Haunting from the perspective of The Ghost Club, whose members Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair were central to the case
Leap Castle, an enigma even for the most experienced paranormal investigator...

Leap Castle: All you need to know about Ireland’s most haunted place!

Is Leap Castle Ireland's most haunted location? Natalie Fowler Phelan finds out!
Clairvoyant eye

The Power of Clairvoyance: Unlocking the Power Within

Guest writer PAUL SANDS gives us some tips on how to unleash the power of clairvoyance

St Wilgefortis crucified because SHE grew a beard!

JACOB MILNESTEIN explores the sad fate of St Wilgefortis, the woman who grew a beard and was crucified for it
Was Jack the Ripper a Woman?

Was Jack the Ripper a woman?

Guest writer JOHN MORRIS argues the reason we're never found the Whitechapel murderer is because Jack the Ripper was really a Jill ...

The Hampstead Horror: Hunting Dracula in NW3

JACOB MILNESTEIN investigates the real-life North London locations that inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula
Rait Castle

The Handless Wraith of Rait Castle

FRANCES ABBOT looks at the bloody and ghostly history of Rait Castle in the Scottish Highlands