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Kevin Spindloe, Paranormal Research York: Paranormal Investigator Interview

Kevin Spindloe talks to Spooky Isles about Paranormal Research York and why York is the best place anywhere for ghosthunting....

Ghost and Hauntings

Haunted Places to Visit in UK and Ireland

Horror Films

Magic (1978) Blu-ray REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES reviews the new blu-ray release of Magic (1978) with Anthony Hopkins
Frank Langella in the title role of Dracula 1979

Dracula 1979 REVIEW

Dracula (1979) is a stylish but different take on the Bram Stoker vampire classic, TERRY SHERWOOD writes
Peter Cushing in From Beyond the Grave (1974)

From Beyond the Grave (1974) REVIEW

From Beyond the Grave (1974) is one of Amicus' finest horror anthologys, says SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS

Dr Crippen (1962) REVIEW

TERRY SHERWOOD takes a look at Dr Crippen (1962), starring Donald Pleasence as the despicable wife murderer...

The Amazing Mr Blunden (1972) BLU-RAY REVIEW

Classic British children’s ghost story The Amazing Mr. Blunden (1972) gets a long-overdue...

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Written in Blood: Cultural History of the British Vampire Book Launch VIDEO

Video of book launch of Written in Blood; A Cultural History of the British Vampire by Paul Adams

Britian’s Haunted Roads: Interview with Peter McCue VIDEO

Dr Peter A, McCue talks to Spooky Isles about some his haunted roads and highways from across the UK

The Truth behind the Witches’ Sabbat VIDEO

JON KANEKO-JAMES discusses the truth behind the infamous Witches' Sabbat in this Spooky Isles' video

UFOs over England with Nigel Wright VIDEO

Spooky Isles talks to ufologist Nigel Wright about UFOs and other mysterious phenomena in this video interview

Highgate Vampire witness speaks out for first time

Londoner Martin Trent discusses seeing The Highgate Vampire

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Learn the natural and supernatural powers and benefits of Garlic

JAMES WILLIS discovers garlic is not just for vampire hunters

9 Weird Welsh Mythical Creatures that will blow your mind!

Check out these Welsh Mythical Creatures - an arrange of the strangest you've ever seen - from NIA JONES!
What is a caulbearer

What is a Caulbearer and why is it spooky?

The legendary Caulbearer still has the power to provoke superstition and wonder, says JAMES WILLIS

Glasgow: Top 30 Haunted Places to Visit

Here's an extensive list of Glasgow's ghosts and hauntings, from MJ STEEL COLLINS - how many have you been to?
Clophill Church

Clophill Church: A sad case of desecration and myths

Clophill Church in Bedfordshire, England, is notorious for its hauntings and folklore, says NICOLA CARPENTER
Haunted Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, is packed full of haunted places to visit. SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS picks some of her favourites.

Ireland’s Top 10 Haunted Hotels

Want to spend a night in one of Ireland's many haunted hotels? ANN MASSEY has picked the 10 spookiest to scare your bed socks off!
Carry on Screaming

Carry On Screaming! 10 things you didn’t know

Carry On Screaming! - a spoof on Hammer Films - is both a is a horror and comedic delight, says guest writer ANDY DAVIDSON
Glamis Castle Scotland Earl Beardie, monster of glamis

10 chilling facts about Haunted Glamis Castle Scotland

KEITH COLEMAN reveals some secrets from the spooky halls of Haunted Glamis Castle in Scotland
Haunted Stevenage

Stevenage: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Stevenage author PAUL ADAMS picks five of the most spooky places in the Hertfordshire town to visit

Guest Articles

Oldham Coliseum Theatre, Most Haunted REVIEW

BRIAN JAMES looks back on Most Haunted: Oldham Coliseum Theatre episode
Hands of the Ripper Poster

Hands of the Ripper (1971) REVIEW

ERIC MCNAUGHTON reviews Hands of the Ripper (1971)
MR James birthday

Happy Birthday M.R. James!

REN ZELEN pays tribute to the greatest English ghost writer Montague Rhodes James today on his the 150th birthday
And soon the darkness 1970

And Soon The Darkness 1970 REVIEW

STEPHEN MOSLEY reviews the 1970 thriller, And Soon The Darkness

5 Haunted Pubs to Visit in Central London

CELESTE MILES checks out five pubs in Central London known for spirits not just of the drinking kind!

Should you use Spiritual Protection during Ghosthunting?

Spiritual protection is a term that sounds a little strange if you're not...
St Rumwold

Who was St Rumwold, England's Baby Saint?

JACOB MILNESTEIN tells us about St Rumwold - the baby saint who only lived for three days.
The Faversham

5 Places that made Leeds a Goth Culture hub in the 1980s

Guest writer JOEL HEYES picks five sites of historical importance to the goth scene in Leeds
Haunted Whitby Abbey

My Ghost Experience: The Grey Lady of Whitby

ROB LUPINE remembers some spooky goings-on during his childhood in the Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby
Haunted Liverpool

Liverpool’s 8 Creepiest Ghosts and Hauntings

Guest writer DOMINIC McELROY proves you'll never walk alone in Liverpool with these eight hauntings!

Tyrrell’s 19 rules for seeing the perfect ghost

G.N.M. Tyrrell was a pioneer of paranormal research who developed theories still relevant today, guest writer DUNCAN WOOD says
The Oblong Box

The Oblong Box 1969 REVIEW

CHARLIE ALBERTSON reviews the 1969 horror classic The Oblong Box, a Poe adaptation of revenge, justice and murder!

Crims unleashed in savage army training zone: Wilderness (2006) REVIEW

Survival is the name of the game in this 2006, cat and mouse, British/ Irish horror film. MARIE LOUISE BUSSY reviews Wilderness.

The Enigma of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

Guest writer PENNY GRIFFITHS-MORGAN discusses how she uses Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) during paranormal investigations

The Hand of Night 1968 REVIEW

ALAN HOARE reviews 1968 British horror, The Hand of Night...
The Christmas ‘Were-Wolf’

Werewolves of Wales: Everything you need to know

RHEA SEREN PHILLIPS shines a light on the Werewolves of Wales!

Fast versus Slow Zombies

ANN L HOUGUE-BOUCHER discusses how speed is the difference between creepy and terrifying zombies

Aberglasney Gardens: Beware the Corpse Candles

RHEA SEREN PHILLIPS reveals the ghastly ghostly past of Aberglasney Gardens in Wales

Murder and Ghosts at Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire

Did Banquo’s ghost return to haunt Deeside, asks guest writer DUNCAN HARLEY
Aberglasney House

The Ghosts of Aberglasney House

With up to 120 ghosts, Aberglasney House in Carmarthen is one of Wales' most haunted properties, JAN McDONALD reports