Tag: Dyfed

Dyfed is an historic county of Wales.


Beware Ireland's Death Coach

PAUL MOYNIHAN profiles the harbinger of Ireland’s haunted highways and byways - the dreaded Death Coach!

Haworth: Five Haunted Places To Visit

Haworth in West Yorkshire is full of ghosts and hauntings, says CHRISTINE MILLER

The 3 Ghosts of Dalzell House, Motherwell

Dalzell House
Motherwell’s Dalzell House is filled with colourful ghosts. CALLUM CAMPBELL tells us the story behind this historic Scottish haunted mansion.

Amethyst: Unleash the Power of Spiritual Healing

Promote calmness and inner peace with Amethyst. Discover its history, spiritual properties, and usage, as well as tips on choosing and caring for it in your healing and spiritual practices.

British Flowers: Superstition and Folklore

Daisies, poppies and foxgloves are among the many British flowers that have their own folklore.
Discover the mysterious and fascinating world of British flowers folklore and superstition, as we explore these beloved and sometimes feared plants.
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