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Gwent is a county in south-east Wales.


Vampires and Zombies, Walter Map’s Monsterous Herefordshire

Medieval Monsters
JON KANEKO-JAMES uncovers the grotesque monsters of Walter Map's medieval Britain

Blackburn: Top 5 Haunted Places to Visit

BECKY KEANE picks the five spookiest places to visit in Haunted Blackburn in Lancashire

James Bruce, the Scotsman Who Discovered The Devil

James Bruce and the Devil
18th Century Scottish explorer James Bruce set out to find an ancient text to strengthen his faith. Guest writer JACOB MILLSTEIN says what he actually found was The Devil himself!

British Flowers: Superstition and Folklore

Daisies, poppies and foxgloves are among the many British flowers that have their own folklore.
Discover the mysterious and fascinating world of British flowers folklore and superstition, as we explore these beloved and sometimes feared plants.

Llandoger Trow: Bristol’s Pub of Ghosts, Pirates and Spirits

Llandoger Trow
Llandoger Trow is a haunted Bristol pub with 15 spirited ghosts, including a limping boy named Pierre, writes RICK HALE
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