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What are Cornish Knockers of Cornwall’s Tin Mines?

Cornish Knockers
Cornish Knockers are tiny creatures who live deep inside the dark tunnels of Cornwall's tin mines, L.H. DAVIES reports

Duckett’s Grove, Carlow’s hidden haunted hotspot

Carlow holds one of haunted Ireland’s hidden hotspots, a place called Duckett's Grove, writes PAUL MOYNIHAN

The Stone Tape TV REVIEW

The legacy of The Stone Tape, a classic 1970s BBC supernatural thriller by Nigel Kneale, continues to be felt, says MATTHEW E BANKS

British Flowers: Superstition and Folklore

Daisies, poppies and foxgloves are among the many British flowers that have their own folklore.
Discover the mysterious and fascinating world of British flowers folklore and superstition, as we explore these beloved and sometimes feared plants.

Fortune Telling For Beginners: How To See Into The Future

Fortune Telling For Beginners: How To See Into The Future
People have long used fortune telling techniques as a way to gain insight, guidance, and clarity into their future, as well as to make decisions and find answers to their questions. Here are some common ways still used today.
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