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Montague Rhodes James (1862–1936), known as M.R. James, was a medievalist scholar, who is best known for writing ghosts stories.

M.R. James Articles on Spooky Isles


5 English Pubs with Skulls and Other Dark Objects

Guest writer DANNI WHITEHEAD tells us about five English pubs with the most gory artefacts from their dark histories.

What Lurks At The Written Stone, Longridge?

Spooky stories surround The Written Stone of Longridge, Lancashire, including tales of boggarts, says RICK HALE

Castell Coch: Guide to History, Hauntings and Horrors

Castell Coch's haunted walls are drenched in almost 1000 years of ghostly history and horrors, says RICK HALE

Great Yarmouth: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Great Yarmouth: SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS hunts out the ghosts and most haunted places in this Norfolk coastal town...

Never Trust ‘Orbs’ Taken On Your Smartphone: Experiments You Can Ttry At Home

photograph an orb
MICKEY GOCOOL goes full Paranormal Blue Peter with these experiments to capture fake spirit orbs
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