The UK and Ireland love their spooky music. Whether it’s the sweet dark folk tunes of centuries past, to the modern rocking devil tones of heavy metal, we cover it all…

British Rock Music and its Supernatural Connections

EDDIE BRAZIL heads to The Jukebox from the Crypt to discover Brit rock with spooky connections

Bela Lugosi’s Dead, a look back on the Bauhaus classic

Bela Lugosi's Dead: DOM COOPER explains how a classic horror star influenced Northampton Goth Rock outfit Bauhaus

Musical duo creates Shivers with haunting theatre

CHRIS NEWTON talks to writer Adam Z. Robinson about his new musical experience, Shivers...

Austin Osman Spare paints nightmares

DOM COOPER looks at the history behind the track "Austin Osman Spare", a song about the British artist and occultist by The Bulldog Breed

Doom metal fun with Witchfinder General

ANDREW GARVEY pays tribute to Cathedral - England's greatest and most influential doom metal band
Song to Comus

Song to Comus, John Milton’s Tale of Rape and Necromancy

DOM COOPER describes how the great English poet John Milton sought to cleanse a family's honour through song

The Wicker Man Soundtrack by Paul Giovanni

SPOOKY SOUND SUNDAY today sees DOM COOPER explores Paul Giovanni's The Wicker Man soundtrack
Music Experiments with Terror

7 Haunted Musical Experiments with Terror in the UK

Guest writer JOSEPH STANNARD takes a look at the increasingly haunted quality of modern experimental music in the UK.

Forest Graveyard, Bodies and Twisted Faces

DOM COOPER tells us about a Forest song about a visit to a graveyard

White Noise, Black Mass, An Electric Storm In Hell, from Dracula AD 1972

DOM COOPER looks at the music behind Dracula AD 1972

Doom not Gloom from Spooky Isles Music

KATIE DOHERTY begins her new column about esoteric and occult matters by pondering the Doom Metal music that has burst forth from these isles we live on.

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