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Fire-gazing folklore: A guide seeing through the flames

CLAIRE BARRAND tells us about the folklore of fire-gazing

Piano-playing phantom shocks Padstow tourists

Guest writer MARY BRAZIL reveals how a holiday haunting in Padstow, Cornwall, has never left her memory...

Caeser’s Nightclub Most Haunted REVIEW

CHRISTINE MILLER looks back on Most Haunted: Caeser's Nightclub

The Clock House Most Haunted REVIEW

CHRISTINE MILLER looks back on Most Haunted: The Clock House

Charnock Hall Most Haunted REVIEW

CHRISTINE MILLER looks back on Most Haunted: Charnock Hall in Preston, Lancashire

England’s 9 most puzzling ghost photos that can’t be explained

RICK HALE takes a look at some of the most unexplainable English paranormal photographs

Gravestones and Ghosts at George and Dragon Pub, Shipley

George and Dragon Pub in Shipley, West Sussex, is full of tales of fear, hate, suicide and hauntings, says guest writer PETULA MITCHELL

Pete the Poltergeist plays havoc with Cardiff shop

Pete the Poltergeist threatened the sanity of small business owners in Cardiff, says RICK HALE

South Shields Poltergeist, ‘a supernatural intelligence’

The South Shield Poltergeist remains one of England’s most frightening paranormal manifestations, says RICK HALE….

Ghostly convicts lurk within Wormwood Scrubs Prison

HMP Wormwood Scrubs is a Victorian-built prison with many tales of supernatural hauntings within its walls, says PATSY SORENTI

Treasure Holt, Essex: Most Haunted REVIEW

CHRISTINE MILLER looks back on Most Haunted: Treasure Holt

Sheridan Le Fanu’s Ireland: 11 historic places to visit

Walk the life and story locations of legendary Irish horror and ghost story writer Sheridan Le Fanu, thanks to this guide from ANN MASSEY

5 scariest Grey Lady ghosts that’ll give you the shivers!

Grey lady ghosts are known throughout the British Isles. RICK HALE presents five of the most intriguing ones...

Memory (2019), new documentary essential viewing for any Alien fan

LORCAN MAGUIRE reviews Memory, a new film delving into what made Alien (1979) a classic of the sci-fi horror genre

Three Crowns Hotel, Dartmoor, and its Cavalier Ghost

The Three Crowns Hotel in Devon is a charming haunted house in Devon, the perfect place for a spooky stay, says RICK HALE

Mitre Pub, Lancaster Gate, London Paranormal Investigation REPORT

JON KANEKO-JAMES reports on a paranormal investigation of The Mitre pub in Lancaster Gate, London

Hijinks and High Spirits: Barry Dodds interview

NIA JONES interviews stand up comedian Barry Dodds about his love of horror and ghosts!

Haunted Jersey’s top 5 most terrifying ghost legends

Haunted Jersey is a spooky place full of dark ghostly mysteries sure to entertain even the most jaded tourist, says RICK HALE


Discover the folklore of United Kingdom and Ireland

Boggart Hole Clough – what is a Boggart?

BECKY KEANE tells us about the Legend of Boggart Hole Clough in Manchester

Hungry Grass tells horrific tales of the Irish Famine

Hungry Grass marks the the starving souls of famine victims who still haunt the fields of Ireland today, says ANN MASSEY

Do Caulbearers have special powers? Famous caulbearers with extraordinary talents

POLLYANNA JONES take a look at some figures from history who were caulbearers...

Strange History

What Do Grave Flowers Tell Us?

CEMETERY enthusiast NICOLA CARPENTER explains the meaning of flowers on gravestones

Curse of the Brampton Witch's Tea Set

BARRY McCANN looks at the hexed China that once belonged to a Cumbrian witch!

What happened on Friday the 13th July, 1894?

Friday the 13th July 1894 was a miserably unlucky day, reports ANDREW GARVEY

What is a Hand of Glory?

MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals the sinister mummified hand known as the Hand of Glory...

Murder and Mystery on Arnish Moor

Arnish Moor on the Isle of Lewis has long been haunted by tales of murder and mystery. MJ STEEL COLLINS reports.

British death through the ages

Guest writer VIOLET FENN explores the history of the British and their fascination with death

UFOs & Aliens

Was the terrifying Bat Beast of Kent really an Alien UFO?

Tthe Bat Beast, scared many in Kent during the 1960s. It may have been an alien, says RICK HALE

The Warminster Thing, UFO over Wiltshire

In the 1960s, Wiltshire became the centre of a UFO sensation known as The Warminster Thing , says RICK HALE

The night Reg Presley told me about Crop Circles and Alien Moonshine

DARREN CHADWICK-HUSSEIN on the night he learned first-hand about Troggs frontman Reg Presley's passion for Crop Circles

Unearthly force tests Cold War allies over 1950s Suffolk

The Bentwaters-Lakenheath Incident saw a UFO appear to US and Royal Airforce personnel over England in 1956, RICK HALE reports...

Horror & Supernatural Films

I, Monster (1971) REVIEW

SIMON BALL reviews I, Monster (1971) starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing

My nights were full of Hammer Schlock and Horror during my 70s teenage years

Guest writer BRIAN NOONAN tells how Hammer and other British nuclear-inspired horrors were the staple of his teenage nights in the 1970s

Citadel (2012) REVIEW

ANN O'REGAN reviews Citadel (2012) an Irish 'hoodie horror' with feral children filmed in Glasgow

Jurassic Predators (2014) REVIEW

SIMON BALL heads off to the Amazon jungle, where a group of explorers find more than they bargained for in 2014's Extinction: Jurassic Predators.

The Woman in Black 2012 REVIEW

DANIEL Radcliffe’s first film after the Harry Potter series was always going to get a lot of attention.

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The Goodies go Gothic!

The Goodies are hired to look after a "lonely" little girl. But is she lonely because she kills all her staff?

Nigel Kneale’s The Stone Tape, the TV show changed paranormal research

The legacy of The Stone Tape, a classic 1970s BBC supernatural thriller by Nigel Kneale, continues to be felt, says MATTHEW E BANKS

10 Scariest Moments in Doctor Who

CHRIS NEWTON picks his 10 scariest moments in Doctor Who... do you agree?

A city interloper falls prey to ancient country rituals, in Robin Redbreast (1970) REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES on a hidden folk-horror gem from the BBC vaults, Robin Redbreast.

Hound of the Baskervilles 'unlucky' for Peter Cushing

Howard Jackson takes a look at Peter Cushing's performance as Sherlock Holmes in Hound of the Baskervilles

Thriller (series 1, episode 6): Murder In Mind (1973) REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES continues his trawl through Brian Clemens' classic 70's anthology series with Murder in Mind

Most Haunted

Is Most Haunted fake, real or somewhere in between?

Some call Most Haunted fake - guest writer FIONA GLASS takes a look at controversial paranormal TV programme, loved and hated in equal quantities...

Derek Acorah: 7 strange things about the TV psychic you didn’t know

Here are some interesting things you may not know about the Merseyside-born psychic, Derek Acorah

Pendle Hill Special Most Haunted Live Halloween 2004 REVIEW

BARRY McCANN looks back on Pendle Hill Special Most Haunted Live Halloween 2004

Most Haunted: Stockport Workhouse REVIEW

BECKY KEANE looks back on Most Haunted: Stockport Workhouse

Spotlight on Ireland
This month we're focusing on the hauntings and folklore of Ireland!

5 Haunted Places to Visit in Downpatrick

JANET QUINLIVAN takes us on a tour of the spooky locations of Haunted Downpatrick in Northern Ireland

Changelings Fairies, The Darker Side of Irish Fairy Lore

ANN O'REGAN gives us some tips on protecting our infants from being swapped for Changelings!

The Demon Bride of County Monaghan

ANN O'REGAN discovers why you should never be the last to leave a funeral.