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10 Greatest Christopher Lee Posters You’ve Never Seen

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES takes a global trip through Sir Christopher Lee's posters, for some of his European efforts as well as his Hammer favourites
I monster 1971

My Top 15 favourite Christopher Lee Films

KEVIN NICKELSON picks his favourite , Christopher Lee films - do you agree with his selection?
Dracula Prince of Darkness

Why Christopher Lee doesn’t speak in Dracula Prince of Darkness

Guest writer WILLIAM STEWART ponders the lack of dialogue for the King of Vampires in Dracula Prince of Darkness
Christopher Lee The Monkey Paw

Remembering Christopher Lee’s Fireside Tales

ANN MASSEY tells us why Christopher Lee's Fireside Tales was just one way the actor had such an impact on her love of all things spooky
Christopher Lee facts

11 Christopher Lee facts you never knew!

MJ STEEL COLLINS delves into Christopher Lee's amazing life and churns up some of the amazing stories that made him a legend
Christopher Lee obituary

Goodnight, Dark Prince: Sir Christopher Lee OBITUARY

Christopher Lee Obituary: RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES and other our writers bid a sad farewell to a true British cinema legend

Christopher Lee and Van Helsing

HOWARD JACKSON asks why Christopher Lee has never played Van Helsing

90 Years of Christopher Lee!

TODAY Sir Christopher Lee celebrates his 90th birthday. Writer KATIE DOHERTY is slightly obsessed with the Prince of Darkness if this article is anything to go by!
The Sleeping Room

The Sleeping Room 2014 REVIEW

KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS speaks to Christopher Adamson about his role as a Victorian psychopath in the supernatural horror, The Sleeping Room

Cross-Roads 1955 REVIEW

To celebrate Christopher Lee's 100th birthday, RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks back on his first foray into horror, Cross-Roads from 1955
Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee in Corridors of Blood 1959

Corridors of Blood 1958 REVIEW

Corridors of Blood 1958 with Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee is a solid yet slightly clichéd historical horror film, says TERRY SHERWOOD
Christopher Lee as The Creature in Curse of Frankenstein 1957

10 things you (probably) never knew about Hammer’s Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARD stitches together some amazing facts about Hammer's Curse of Frankenstein starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee...
El Conde Dracula 1970

El Conde Dracula 1970 REVIEW

BARRY McCANN reviews the Jess Franco-directed El Conde Dracula (1970) - the one with Christopher Lee as Dracula in a moustache!
I monster 1971

I, Monster 1971 REVIEW

I, Monster 1971 - starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing - is reviewed by SIMON BALL
Rasputin the Mad Monk

Rasputin the Mad Monk 1966 REVIEW

Christopher Lee gives one of his best performances for Hammer, in the historical horror, Rasputin the Mad Monk 1966, says ADAM SCOVELL

Dracula Prince of Darkness 1966 REVIEW

Best of Hammer Dracula sequels - Christopher Lee creates menace in Dracula Prince of Darkness 1966 without speaking a single word!

Chris vs Bela: The Ultimate Dracula Showdown

Who is your favourite Dracula? The Spooky Isles talks to horror film historian Alan Frank about the merits of two leading contenders for the King of the Vampires - Christopher Lee and Bela Lugosi.
Demons of the Mind 1972

Demons of the Mind 1972 REVIEW

Demons of the Mind 1972 was a a genre-defying misstep for Hammer, but remains a curiosity worth watching, says RICHARD MARKWORTH
The Beetle by Richard Mash

The Beetle and Dracula: A Gothic Rivalry

Richard Marsh's The Beetle deserves greater recognition as a classic of Victorian Gothic fiction, despite ultimately losing the longevity battle to Dracula, writes DAVID TURNBULL

Exploring The Devil Rides Out Film Versus Book

CHRIS NEWTON delves into the differences between the book and film versions of The Devil Rides Out, highlighting changes to characters and plot, and discussing Dennis Wheatley's influence on British horror.
London Underground Horror Films

10 London Underground Depictions in Horror Film and TV 

From claustrophobic tunnels to supernatural entities, explore the hair-raising portrayals of the London Underground in horror film and TV, thanks to KATE INGLEBY-PARYLO
The Wicker Man 1973

Can You Believe The Hype About Classic Horror Films?

Guest writer LEE McSHANE questions whether the classic horror films of the 1970s and 80s are as good as their reputations...
Black Sunday 1960

Black Sunday 1960 REVIEW

Black Sunday 1960 is an all-time must-see for students of horror, says BARRY McCANN
Peter Cushing - Shock Waves 1977

Shock Waves 1977 REVIEW

Shock Waves 1977, starring Peter Cushing, is a fun, well-directed underwater Nazi zombie exploitation thriller, says TERRY SHERWOOD


Haunted Towneley Hall: Every Room Has A Ghost!

Towneley Hall Postcard
Towneley Hall in Burnley lures visitors with its haunting allure, echoing with ghostly tales in its ancient corridors, says JOANNE HAGUE

England’s Obsession with Black Dogs and Other Demon Hounds of Hell…

BARRY McCANN looks at England's history of terrifying Black Dogs, from Black Shuck to Baskerville...

Cherry Tree Lane 2010 REVIEW

Cherry Tree Lane 2010
Cherry Tree Lane 2010 is a test of endurance, not only for the characters but those watching it, writes KATE INGLEBY-PARYLO

Mari Lwyd: How the Welsh celebrate Christmas with Horse Skull

Mari Lwyd Horse Skull
The Mari Lwyd Christmas tradition in Wales sees locals carrying a decorated horse skulls, says CLAIRE BARRAND

The Haunting Brontës of Haworth

Haunted Haworth Brontes
ADAM SARGANT, from Haunted Haworth, gives us the rundown on the ghostly sightings of the famous Bronte family in West Yorkshire and beyond!
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