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Ghost hunting is another term for paranormal investigations.

My 5 Top Scottish Ghosthunting Spots

Scottish Ghosthunting
DAVID BARRETT shares his top five locations to visit in search of ghostly activity in Scotland

Borley Rectory film, an animated ghostly delight, say paranormal experts

Borley Rectory haunting experts PAUL ADAMS and EDDIE BRAZIL cast their eyes over Borley Rectory film, a new animated documentary

Jason Hawes talks Irish hauntings and paranormal reality TV

Jason Hawes TAPS
Ghost Hunters' TV star Jason Hawes tells Spooky Isles's ANN MASSEY about his time in Ireland and bringing paranormal research to television

Five Qualities of a Great Ghost Hunter: How to become a...

ghost hunter qualities
DAVID SAUNDESON talks about the five qualities that make a great ghost hunter.

I’m a psychic medium and I don’t think we’ll ever prove...

Psychic Medium
Hertfordshire-based psychic medium ANDY CHAPLIN explains why doesnt think we'll ever be able to prove the existance of ghosts or spirits...

Is my house haunted? 5 tips to recognise hauntings

Is my house haunted?
DAVID SAUNDERSON highlights five signs to knowing if your house could be haunted...

5 things you should never do on a Halloween Ghost Hunt

5 things you should never do on a Halloween Ghost Hunt
DAVID SAUNDESON explains what not to do on a Halloween ghost hunt to keep yourself safe and sane!

Why daytime ghost hunting better than night for paranormal research?

daytime paranormal research, ghostunting during the day
MICKEY GOCOOL explains why it's possible, mostly preferable, to do daytime ghost hunting

Treak Cliff Cavern seancé chaos like 'a metaphysical pickaxe through the...

Guest writer CHRIS WILLCX describes coming face to face with paranormal energies during an investigation at Treak Cliff Cavern in Derbyshire...

Top 5 essential ghost hunting gadgets for your paranormal investigation

Mickey Gocool is the founder of North London Paranormal Investigations
Guest writer MICKEY GOCOOL, the founder of North London Paranormal Investigations, tells us his five favourite ghost-hunting gadgets he loves

Is Paranormal Bullying out of control?

paranormal bullying
Paranormal researcher PAUL ROOK explains why he dedicated two episodes of his radio show to paranormal bullying

A Beginner’s Guide to Hauntings: How to tell a spirit from...

haunting ghost
JANET QUINLIVAN explains how a ghost is not just a ghost by giving us a beginners guide to the types of hauntings that may occur.

Zozo Demon: How to avoid Ouija board evil forces

Zozo demon, demon zozo
CHRIS RUSH looks at Ouija boards and how to protect yourself from the ZoZo Demon

Ghost hunting equipment Back to Basics with Andrew Homer

ANDREW HOMER goes back to basics and reveals his key ghost hunting equipment.

Jayne Harris: 15 tips for novice Ghost Hunters

Jayne Harris
DAVID SAUNDERSON seeks Paranormal researcher Jayne Harris' tips and advice for those interested in launching a career in Ghost Hunting

5 essential ghost hunting tips for first-time amateur paranormal investigators

Here's a handy ghost hunting guide for people preparing for their first paranormal investigation...

How to protect yourself from negative forces during paranormal investigations

KERRY GREENAWAY looks at how and why we should protect ourselves from paranormal forces...

'Ghosts are here due in part to unfinished business': Paranormal Investigator...

David Barrett
David Barrett, a Paranormal Investigator based in Scotland, talks to MJ STEEL COLLINS about his work

What Is Pareidolia, or Why Do My Curtains Look Like A...

MJ STEEL COLLINS explores pareidolia, the phenomenon that may explain the boring reality of spooky shadows in the dark!

Haunted Wicklow Gaol Paranormal Lockdown

Haunted Wicklow Gaol
ANN MASSEY and CHRIS RUSH compare notes from their paranormal ordeal in Wicklow Gaol in Ireland

Poltergeist Bunny terrifies Ouija Board group and Ruins Easter

Poltergeist bunny
ANDREW HOMER looks back over his paranormal case files and remembers a haunted toy hare that wasn't

Has Stone Tape Theory been uploaded to the Cloud?

Stone Tape Theory
Paranormal expert guest writer ASHLEY KNIBB explains Stone Tape Theory and asks if it's no longer 'stone-aged'?

Ghost Searchers Ireland investigates Haunted Donaghee Town Hall, County Down

Haunted Donaghee Town Hall
JANET QUINLIVAN reports on Ghost Searchers Ireland's paranormal investigation of haunted Donaghee Town Hall...

‘Ghosts are a residual energy, they do not interact with the...

Elaine Floyd
Today we talk to Elaine Floyd about her experiences as a paranormal investigator in Northern Ireland...


Brentford: 6 Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Brentford Postcard
PATSY SORENTI tells us about the creepiest and most haunted places to visit in Brentford, west London

Fyvie Castle: Ghouls, Curses and Stones

Fyvie Castle
Not all the ghosts of Fyvie Castle in Scotland should be feared, but some certainly should be, says CALLUM CAMPBELL

Plymouth: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

KEVIN HYNES takes us on a paranormal tour of Plymouth, showing us its most ghostly and haunted places to visit

Top 10 British composers who wrote spooky music for horror films and operas

British Composers
PAUL ADAMS looks at the British composers whose specific task was to chill and terrify

Middlesbrough: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Middlesbrough
LH DAVIES has a look to see what spooky places you can visit in Middlesbrough in North Riding of Yorkshire.