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Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic, that includes two countries, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom.

Dublin Ghost Bus

Dublin’s Original Ghostbus Tour REVIEW

ANN MASSEY joins Paranormal Reseachers Ireland Team on Dublin's Original Ghostbus Tour

9 most haunted Ireland cemeteries and graves

ANN MASSEY discovers why haunted Ireland cemeteries and graves are anything but peaceful!

Horrific torture methods in Ireland through the ages

CHRIS RUSH looks at some of Ireland's most deadly and horrible torture methods used in history

Japanese-Irish folklore mix: Wayward Supernatual Comic REVIEW

Wayward turns Irish and Japanese folklore on its head in this supernatural comic, says CHRIS RUSH

Cursing Stones, the mysterious altar for revenge in Ireland

Cursing stones have been used to exact revenge throughout Ireland for centuries. CHRIS RUSH takes a closer look.

10 Ireland horror film connections you didn’t know

ANN MASSEY tells us 10 Ireland horror film connections that had a huge impact on the genre

7 Irish horror films you probably don’t know

CHRIS RUSH picks some interesting Irish horror films that may have fallen through the cracks...
Inch Abbey Haunted Downpatrick

Downpatrick: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Downpatrick is believed to be the final resting place of Saint Patrick, JANET QUINLIVAN takes us on a tour of Haunted Downpatrick
Leap Castle in Offaly

County Offaly: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

County Offaly has plenty of haunted places to visit, says CHRIS RUSH
Haunted Wicklow Gaol

Haunted Wicklow Gaol Paranormal Lockdown

ANN MASSEY and CHRIS RUSH compare notes from their paranormal ordeal in Wicklow Gaol in Ireland
Haunted Ross Castle

Haunted Ross Castle And The Black Baron

CHRIS RUSH tells us why Ross Castle is so popular for visitors seeking the ghosts.
Bram Stoker

7 Irish Horror Authors You Must Read

ANN MASSEY tells us her favourite Irish horror writers and her favourite spooky works

8 Irish haunts and the famous writers who loved them

CHRIS RUSH celebrates St Patrick's Day by visiting haunted Irish pubs and other places frequented by Ireland’s best known spooky writers
Mary Denny

Mary Denny CAPRA Paranormal Investigator Interview

Today we talk to Mary Denny about her thoughts and experiences as a paranormal investigator with County Antrim Paranormal Research Association
Blarney Castle Haunted Castle

20 spooky fun facts about Haunted Cork

ANN MASSEY lists some of the most spooky things about the Haunted Cork in Ireland
malachi martin

Malachi Martin: 20 Shocking things you didn’t know about Hostage to the Devil’s Irish...

Malachi Martin is the Irish exorcist at the heart of Netflix's Hostage to the Devil. ANN MASSEY uncovers some facts about him...

Demonic possession cases still shock and terrify Ireland

CHRIS RUSH reveals some recent Irish cases of demonic possession that will drive shivers down your spine...

5 Strangest Ireland Executions

CHRIS RUSH takes a look at five of the strangest Ireland executions

20 Spooky Things About Ireland’s Ancient East

CHRIS RUSH takes a look at some of the spooky and strange tales of the Ancient East of Ireland
Glasnevin Cemetery Dublin

20 Spooky Fun Dublin Facts

ANN MASSEY tells us 20 fun Dublin facts that are dark and spooky!

County Wicklow’s Top 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Guest writer CHRIS RUSH takes a look at five of the most haunted places in County Wicklow, Ireland

Irish horror author Chris Rush talks banshees and bloodlust

ANN MASSEY interviews best-selling Irish horror author Chris Rush

Kilkenny Ghost Tour REVIEW

ANN MASSEY recently went on the Kilkenny Ghost tour - discover if she was scared!
Haunted Dublin Pubs

Top 11 Haunted Dublin Pubs that are full of spirits!

Can you handle your Irish spirits? ANN MASSEY takes a look at the most haunted Dublin pubs

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