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Leinster is one of Ireland’s four provinces. Located in the east of Ireland, it is home to the country’s capital city Dublin, as well as historic landmarks and bustling towns.

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Aleister Crowley, The Beast of Boleskine House

FRANCES ABBOT remembers moving to her new Scottish Highland home and discovering Aleister Crowley, The Beast of Boleskine House

The Fylde Witch author Chris Newton INTERVIEW

The Fylde Witch
Lancashire author, Chris Newton, has released a spellbinding new book The Fylde Witch Spooky Isles spoke to him about the inspirations behind his latest offering.

Salt in Folklore: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Salt Folklore
Here are a few examples of how salt has been used and revered in British and Irish Folklore.

The Wizard of Gordonstoun

The Wizard of Gordonstoun
Guest writer JOHNNY MARTIN looks at the legend of The Wizard of Gordonstoun, the man who made a pact with the Devil!

Iron Maiden album covers: Top 7 legendary Eddie horror-inspired artwork

iron maiden album covers
ANN MASSEY takes us through her top 7 Iron Maiden album covers
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