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London – the capital of England and the United Kingdom – has been a major settlement for two millennia.

15 Most Haunted London Underground Stations

Tube travellers are never too far away from ghosts. We pick 15 of the most haunted London underground stations...

5 Creepy Abandoned London Underground Stations

South Kentish Town Abandoned Underground Tube Station
Abandoned London Underground Stations can be found across the English capital.

Have you ever seen a Black Dog or Hound from Hell?

Was it a spectral Black Dog that PATSY SORENTI met when visiting her family's graves in West London?

Haunted Camberwell’s Top 5 Creepiest Ghost Stories

St Giles Church in Camberwell.
EDDIE BRAZIL looks in to the ghosts of Camberwell in South London and finds spooks of a most tragic kind...

Thomas A Becket, South London’s scariest haunted pub

Thomas A Becket Pub in London
The Thomas A Becket Pub on the Old Kent Road is so haunted, it scares even the most brutal hardmen of South London, says EDDIE BRAZIL

Haunted Hoop and Toy Pub, where the ghostly priests roam

Ghostly clergy roam Kensington's Hoop and Toy Pub looking for a way out, says RICK HALE

Ye Olde Cock Tavern: A guide to Fleet Street’s most haunted...

Ye Olde Cock Tavern
RICK HALE tells the terrifying spectre of a grinning floating head haunts the Ye Olde Cock Tavern on Fleet Street, London.

Top 7 must-see London Cemeteries: How many have you visited?

Here's a list of London Cemeteries, known as the Magnificent Seven for their amazing graves and monuments!

The World’s End Camden, a place of torture, ghosts and music

The World's End Camden
The World's End Camden is haunted by its past and ghosts, says RICK HALE

Check the haunted staircases when you visit The George Inn

Visit The George Inn in Southwark - discover it's hauntings!
The George Pub on the Strand in London has a deserved reputation as a haunted pub, says RICK HALE

Ghostly prostitute haunts Silver Cross Tavern in London

The Haunted Silver Cross in Whitehall, a haunted central London pub
Silver Cross Tavern sits in the centre of Westminster in London, and with it comes a haunting perfect for a political scandal, says RICK HALE

Old Queen’s Head, London: A Haunted Pub Ghost Guide

The Old Queens Heads pub in Essex Road, London, as it was back in 1830
The Old Queen's Head in Islington, London, boasts great food and even greater ghosts, says RICK HALE

Market Porter, London’s oldest and most haunted pub

Haunted Southwark Pub, Market Porter
A Southwark, London pub that was used in a Harry Potter movie may be haunted by the ghost of a tragic death, says RICK HALE

Old Bull And Bush: A Traditional London Pub Full of Ghosts!

The Old Bull and Bush is a much loved pub in Hampstead, London, not only for its friendly atmosphere but it's history of hauntings!
The Old Bull and Bush is one of the best and most haunted pubs in London, says RICK HALE

The Flask Highgate: A Scary Ghost Guide

An old photograph of The Flask in Highgate, one of London's most haunted pubs
The Flask Highgate is one of London's oldest and most haunted pubs. RICK HALE takes us there...

Rising Sun, the haunted London pub that rose from the dead

Rising Sun - one of London's haunted pubs - has a history of body snatchers and murder!
Haunted by its grisly past, London's The Rising Sun is a popular place to get a drink ... and possibly experience the paranormal, says RICK HALE

Ten Bells: Haunted East London ‘Jack the Ripper’ Pub

The Ten Bells pub is a perfect place for those interest in the Jack the Ripper legend and tales of the paranormal
Victims of Jack the Ripper aren't the only ghosts to haunt The Ten Bells pub in Whitechapel, says RICK HALE

Volunteer Baker Street: Profile of a haunted London pub

The Volunteer, Haunted London Pub
The Volunteer Baker Street in London comes with a centuries old ghost that haunts the pub with spooky footsteps, says RICK HALE

Murdered Camberwell Dwarf Sex Attacker Ghost Haunts London Suburb

Camberwell Dwarf haunts
EDDIE BRAZIL reports the creepy story of a murdered child sex fiend, known as The Camberwell Dwarf, who still haunts the London suburb to this day...

Frenzy 1972 REVIEW

Frenzy 1972 sees Alfred Hitchcock returning to his Jack the Ripper roots, says RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES

13 Jack the Ripper Locations the Tour Guides Won’t Show You!

Tower of London - the site of a Ripper suspect identity parade
Ripperologist TREVOR BOND reveals some lesser known Jack the Ripper locations you won't see on your standard tour...

Are you brave enough to stay at the Mermaid Inn?

The Mermaid Inn in Rye is a perfect place to stay if you're looking for an ancient haunted hotel
RICK HALE reveals The Mermaid Inn in Rye has a haunting in its tale…

Marylebone’s 13 creepiest (and cheesiest) hauntings

The Volunteer, Haunted London Pub
Marylebone is one of central London's most desirable and most haunted neighbourhoods. Here are some of its weird and wonderful hauntings...

Royal phantoms of haunted Hampton Court Palace revealed

Hampton Court Palace - once owned by King Henry VIII - is a hive of paranormal activity. RICK HALE reveals its many hauntings...


Soho: 8 Haunted Places to Visit

Soho London
Soho - central London's entertainment district - is full of dark stories of ghosts and hauntings - here are some of the places you can visit - if you dare!

Herne the Hunter: The Spirit of Windsor Forest

If you see Herne the Hunter coming, turn the other way and run, says CALLUM CAMPBELL

Gloucestershire: 13 Haunted Places to Visit

Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire
Gloucestershire in England’s South West is home to some truly spooky places - from jails, to pubs, to even an entire village full of ghosts! CHRISTINE MILLER tells us of the county’s 13 most haunted locations.

Britain’s 6 Most Disgusting Killer Cannibals

CHRISTINE MILLER tells us about six most horrific British cannibals

Stoke-on-Trent: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

ANDREW GARVEY checks out five of Stoke-on-Trent's spookiest places