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London – the capital of England and the United Kingdom – has been a major settlement for two millennia.

Hatton Cross: 8 Haunted Places to Visit

Hatton Cross - in the west of London - has a long and creepy haunted history, says PATSY SORENTI
Haunted Hammersmith

Hammersmith: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

The ghosts and phantoms of Hammersmith in London are diverse and many, says PATSY SORENTI

The Lodger 1927 REVIEW: Hitchcock meets Jack the Ripper

A Jack the Ripper-styled killer is on the loose in London, as RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at Alfred Hitchcock's The Lodger (1927)
Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys’ fascination with the Paranormal and Dark Arts

JON KANEKO-JAMES reveals the paranormal side of historic London figure, Samuel Pepys
The dustman's ghost

The Dustman’s Ghost still gives us a shudder

Paranormal researcher PATSY SORENTI recalls the haunting goings on in her childhood home in Brentford, London
Stockwell ghosts

Stockwell ghosts haunted my London childhood home

EDDIE BRAZIL tells us how Stockwell ghosts were his first brush with the paranormal....
Tower of London

16 spookiest Tower of London ghosts and hauntings

MJ STEEL COLLINS lists the most disturbing Tower of London ghosts and hauntings

Castle Dracula Dublin ‘charming, enigmatic and enthralling night’ REVIEW

ANN MASSEY ventures into Castle Dracula Dublin - she tells us what she discovered!
William Terriss

William Terriss’ ghostly encores in haunted London

MJ STEEL COLLINS looks at the murder and subsequent afterlife of famed Victorian London actor William Terriss
haunted 10 downing street ghosts

Is 10 Downing Street in London haunted?

MJ STEEL COLLINS looks at the terrors that lurk at the PM's residence at 10 Downing Street
Solitary Ghost

Solitary Ghosts: Real life stories of uncanny encounters

EDDIE BRAZIL asked whether it possible to experience a solitary ghost
Haunted Hampstead Tube station

Haunted Hampstead: A Ghostly Walking Tour

BARRY McCann takes a walk through Haunted Hampstead in London and discovers a load of ghostly and mysterious places to visit
London Apprentice

London Apprentice Pub: Highwaymen and hauntings in Isleworth

PATSY SORENTI takes us back through time to visit the haunts and horrors of the ancient village of Isleworth in West London...

Bexley’s haunted Hall Place just creaks with ghosts!

Haunted Hall Place in Bourne Road, Bexley, is alive - or is that dead - with ghosts!

Creepy kids still haunt Hanwell Community Centre

Hanwell Community Centre is one of London's most haunted former schools...
Haunted Heathrow Ghosts

Haunted Heathrow’s busy with flying phantoms!

Haunted Heathrow Airport has more than it's fair share of spooks!

Was Camberwell bus stop haunting a Christmas Angel?

EDDIE BRAZIL tells spooky tale of a man who encounters ghostly woman at a Camberwell bus stop on Christmas Eve 1963

Is Stanmore North London’s most haunted suburb?

We look at shocking tales from Haunted Stanmore in North West London...
St Magnus the Martyr Church

Haunted City of London Churches: Ghosts in the Square Mile

Greater London is full of haunted churches. But the City of London Churches have more than their fair share!

Phantom ‘Smiling’ Highwayman shocks Camberwell residents

EDDIE BRAZIL reports of an eerie 1999 paranormal case of a smiling phantom highwayman in Camberwell, London

Haunted London: Manor Park E12

Today we look at Haunted Manor Park in East London...
Haunted London

Haunted London’s 27 spookiest ghost sightings to visit

Are you brave enough to visit Haunted London’s most terrifyingly places? Here we list the capital's scariest haunts.

Norwood Poltergeist terror raises many questions

EDDIE BRAZIL looks back on a frightening 1950s poltergeist case from Norwood in South London...
Haunted Trent Park Ghosts

The Grey Lady and Trent Park where the walls had ears

JAY HOLLIS tells why Enfield's ghostly Trent Park needs to be saved from development

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