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Ghost Sightings at Talbot Hotel, Oundle

Talbot Hotel Oundle
The Talbot Hotel in Oundle has an usual link to a royal execution which has seen the quaint Northamptonshire pub haunted ever since.

Colchester: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Colchester is Britain's oldest Roman city - NIA JONES discovers five of its spookiest places…

10 Bram Stoker Dublin Must-See Locations

Bram Stoker Dublin locations are a must-see for any Dracula fan, so ANN MASSEY takes us on a tour...

Spooky Christmas Folklore You Need to Know!

CLAIRE BARRAND reveals the spooky backgrounds to many of the ancient Christmas folklore and traditions that we still enjoy!

The Wicker Man: 10 strange facts you didn’t know

The Wicker Man
Let's go to Summerisle for some strange facts about The Wicker Man 1973, from KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS
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