The next four days are going to be a “Jek-Tacular Spectacular” on Spooky Isles with a special series of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde-related articles and reviews

The characters created by Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson for his 1886 novella, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, are quite versatile. 
While Dracula is always a vampire and Frankenstein is almost always made up of the parts of others, the only criteria for a Jekyll and Hyde inspired adaptation  is a dual persona. Which mean, we have heaps of films, cartoons, books and music to choose from for our Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Jek-tacuar!
And unlike the original, the new Jekyll and Hydes don’t even have to be monstrous or particularly evil – they just have to be different.  Comic films that like Hammer’s The Ugly Duckling (1959) and Jerry Lewis’ The Nutty Professor (1963) are great examples of this.
The Spooky Isles is running numerous articles and reviews over the next four days showing the different approaches artists and filmmakers have taken when reinterpreting the classic tale of Henry Jekyll, a good and kind doctor, who experimented on himself to discover the true nature of good and evil, and as a result became the brutish and murderous Mr Edward Hyde.
Some of the features in upcoming days will include reviews by Andrew Garvey and Adam Scovell, including:

As well as articles relating to the original actor who portrayed the character on the Victoria stage, Richard Mansfield, a look at the Jekyll and Hyde musical, the lost FW Murnau film version, “The Head of Janus” and lost more.
We’ve packed a lot into this weekend and unfortunately, we couldn’t bring you our favourite – because we haven’t seen it – Dr Black, Mr Hyde – a 1976 Blaxpoltation Horror film, directed by William Crane – who had previously made 1972’s Bracula – similar Blaxipoltation take on Bram Stoker’s creation.
Take the time to watch this amazing trailer which sees the title character played by Bernie Casey, a kindly black scientist who through testing a serum to cure liver damage becomes a hulking white creature. As the trailer below tells us “a monster he could not control – had taken over his very soul!”

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