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Fire-gazing folklore: A guide seeing through the flames

CLAIRE BARRAND tells us about the folklore of fire-gazing

Piano-playing phantom shocks Padstow tourists

Guest writer MARY BRAZIL reveals how a holiday haunting in Padstow, Cornwall, has never left her memory...

Caeser’s Nightclub Most Haunted REVIEW

CHRISTINE MILLER looks back on Most Haunted: Caeser's Nightclub

The Clock House Most Haunted REVIEW

CHRISTINE MILLER looks back on Most Haunted: The Clock House

Charnock Hall Most Haunted REVIEW

CHRISTINE MILLER looks back on Most Haunted: Charnock Hall in Preston, Lancashire

England’s 9 most puzzling ghost photos that can’t be explained

RICK HALE takes a look at some of the most unexplainable English paranormal photographs

Gravestones and Ghosts at George and Dragon Pub, Shipley

George and Dragon Pub in Shipley, West Sussex, is full of tales of fear, hate, suicide and hauntings, says guest writer PETULA MITCHELL

Pete the Poltergeist plays havoc with Cardiff shop

Pete the Poltergeist threatened the sanity of small business owners in Cardiff, says RICK HALE

South Shields Poltergeist, ‘a supernatural intelligence’

The South Shield Poltergeist remains one of England’s most frightening paranormal manifestations, says RICK HALE….

Ghostly convicts lurk within Wormwood Scrubs Prison

HMP Wormwood Scrubs is a Victorian-built prison with many tales of supernatural hauntings within its walls, says PATSY SORENTI

Treasure Holt, Essex: Most Haunted REVIEW

CHRISTINE MILLER looks back on Most Haunted: Treasure Holt

Sheridan Le Fanu’s Ireland: 11 historic places to visit

Walk the life and story locations of legendary Irish horror and ghost story writer Sheridan Le Fanu, thanks to this guide from ANN MASSEY

5 scariest Grey Lady ghosts that’ll give you the shivers!

Grey lady ghosts are known throughout the British Isles. RICK HALE presents five of the most intriguing ones...

Memory (2019), new documentary essential viewing for any Alien fan

LORCAN MAGUIRE reviews Memory, a new film delving into what made Alien (1979) a classic of the sci-fi horror genre

Three Crowns Hotel, Dartmoor, and its Cavalier Ghost

The Three Crowns Hotel in Devon is a charming haunted house in Devon, the perfect place for a spooky stay, says RICK HALE

The Girl With All The Gifts (2016) REVIEW

"A creepily original zombie dystopia", says ANDREW GARVEY, as he looks at 2016's The Girl With All The Gifts.

Ghostly Feltham's most haunted places to visit

PATSY SORENTI uncovers the ghostly horrors that lurk in the seemingly quiet but Haunted Feltham in Middlesex

Three Pilchards Pub, a Cornwall smuggler’s (and ghost hunter’s) delight!

Three Pilchards Pub in Polperro has spooky smells, cheerful ghosts and a history of other hauntings, says RICK HALE


Discover the folklore of United Kingdom and Ireland

The Brag, don’t ride the shape-shifting Devil Horse!

JON KANEKO-JAMES tells us about shape-shifting devil horses from the north of England

Baobhan Sith: Are Scottish Vampires more deadly?

ROSE GARNETT reveals the terrifying Baobhan Sith - the Scottish brand of vampires that would leave their Transylvanian cousins for dead

Changelings Fairies, The Darker Side of Irish Fairy Lore

ANN O'REGAN gives us some tips on protecting our infants from being swapped for Changelings!

Strange History

Islandmagee, Witchtrials, Devil Worship and Ghost Hunting

A 300-year-old witchtrial has put Islandmagee in Northern Ireland in the headlines, says SHARON CLARKE

Bram Stoker and the Legend of the Bisley Boy

NIA JONES recounts the intriguing tale of Bram Stoker and the Legend of the Bisley Boy

What was The Golden Dawn?

JON KANEKO-JAMES reveals the history of the mysterious occult organisation, The Golden Dawn

Aberdeen newspaper laments the decline of Halloween during the 1930s

Here's an old article from Aberdeen, Scotland, from 1934, lamenting the decline of Halloween...

Ireland’s Top 10 Strangest Place Names

ANN MASSEY tells us of the top 10 strangest place names in Ireland.

The Christmas ‘Were-Wolf’

ANDREW GARVEY pre-empts the Christmas season with a tale of a Yuletide Werewolf!

UFOs & Aliens

Unearthly force tests Cold War allies over 1950s Suffolk

The Bentwaters-Lakenheath Incident saw a UFO appear to US and Royal Airforce personnel over England in 1956, RICK HALE reports...

The Warminster Thing, UFO over Wiltshire

In the 1960s, Wiltshire became the centre of a UFO sensation known as The Warminster Thing , says RICK HALE

Winston Churchill versus The UFOs: WW2 coverup exposed!

Did Winston Churchill lead the world’s first UFO coverup? RICK HALE looks at this intriguing WW2 conspiracy theory…

Berwyn Mountains UFO Crash, Britain’s Area 51

Berwyn Mountains in Wales was central to a 1970s UFO coverup, similar to the Area 51 conspiracy, says RICK HALE

Horror & Supernatural Films

Burke and Hare (2010) REVIEW

Comedic re-telling of famous grave-robbing tale has great cast and looks fantastic but sadly disappointing

Horror Film Confessions of TV Bassist, Dave Swift

TV bassist Dave Swift is a huge classic horror film fan

Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1971) REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES calls Whoever Slew Auntie Roo, 'as much a character study and tragedy as it is a horror thriller'

Lair of the White Worm (1988) REVIEW

ANDREW GARVEY reviews Ken Russell's adaptation of Bram Stoker's Lair of the White Worm

Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (1974) REVIEW

BARRY McCAN takes a look back at Hammer's The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

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Hammer House of Horror: The Silent Scream (Episode 7)

ANDREW GARVEY reviews The Silent Scream, the seventh episode in Hammer House of Horror TV Series - the one with Peter Cushing!

Why TV's Sherlock has lost the plot

Author MATT WINGETT describes TV's Sherlock as 'Moffat and Gatiss's slow descent into nerddom'.

Apocalyptic nightmares from TV’s The Changes

SIMON BALL looks back on spooky sci-fi classic, The Changes from 1975

Hammer House of Horror: Children of the Full Moon (Episode 8)

ANDREW GARVEY reviews Children of the Full Moon, the eighth episode in Hammer House of Horror TV Series

Farewell Catweazle: Geoffrey Bayldon obituary

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES remembers the long career of Catweazle star Geoffrey Bayldon

Hammer House of Horror: The Mark of Satan (Episode 13)

ANDREW GARVEY reviews The Mark of Satan , the 13th episode in Hammer House of Horror TV Series

Most Haunted

Is Most Haunted fake, real or somewhere in between?

Some call Most Haunted fake - guest writer FIONA GLASS takes a look at controversial paranormal TV programme, loved and hated in equal quantities...

Derek Acorah: 7 strange things about the TV psychic you didn’t know

Here are some interesting things you may not know about the Merseyside-born psychic, Derek Acorah

Pendle Hill Special Most Haunted Live Halloween 2004 REVIEW

BARRY McCANN looks back on Pendle Hill Special Most Haunted Live Halloween 2004

Most Haunted: Stockport Workhouse REVIEW

BECKY KEANE looks back on Most Haunted: Stockport Workhouse

Spotlight on Ireland
This month we're focusing on the hauntings and folklore of Ireland!

Spooks and Spectres of St Stephen's Green, Dublin

St Stephen’s Green in Dublin is a source of all things supernatural, writes PAUL MOYNIHAN

The Wizard Earl of Kildare

ANN O'REGAN recounts the folklore surrounding the mysterious Earl Gerald Fitzgerald

5 most terrifying Irish poltergeist hauntings

ANN MASSEY O'REGAN reveals five of Ireland's scariest poltergeist cases