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Hawley Crippen (1862-1910), known as Dr Crippen, was an American doctor was hanged in Pentonville Prison in London for the murder of his wife.

Dr Crippen 1962 REVIEW

TERRY SHERWOOD takes a look at Dr Crippen 1962, starring Donald Pleasence as the despicable wife murderer...

Dr Crippen’s Ghost and other murderer spirits

PAUL ADAMS reveals the paranormal behind Dr Crippen's ghost and some of Britain's other infamous murderers

Dr Crippen’s Strange Legacy

ANDREW GARVEY looks at some of the more notable and telling incidents and references in Crippen’s post-execution career

The Execution of Dr Crippen – He Swung Into Eternity Without A Word

Today in 1910 in Pentonville Prison in London, the infamous Dr Crippen was hanged. ANDREW GARVEY reports

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