Northampton: Top 5 Haunted Places to Visit

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Northampton, in the East Midlands area of England, has many places of attraction but none as spooky as the five haunted places to visit list below. 

Northampton Postcard

1. Auctioneers Public House, Market Square

This building in the Market Square is said to be haunted by several ghosts.

The story behind the hauntings is related to the Great Fire of Northampton that took place in 1675, causing buildings in and around the Market Square to be razed down to the ground.

The people around have reported hearing the wailing of children as well as perceiving the smell of burning timber.

2. Old Black Lion, Northampton

For almost 300 years now, many different ghosts have been said to haunt the Old Black Lion.

Staff and residents there have reported hearing footsteps moving between empty rooms as well as feeling a strong negative aura.

Several investigations have been performed to determine if the paranormal activities are real. One of these detectives said he witnessed an incident of something pulling the bedclothes off the guests while they slept and also hearing voices of humans and dogs coming from beings they can not see.

It has been reported that in the 19th century, the proprietor there murdered his mistress and also killed their young child in the pub. He cut off their body parts and stuffed them into a suitcase that he placed at the railway station.

The suitcase was found and traced back to him and he was hung for double murder. He is believed to be one of the ghosts haunting the Old Black Lion.

The Old Black Lion is no longer used as a pub and in early 2020, it was announced the pub would become a museum.

3. Grosvenor Centre, Northampton

The Grosvenor Centre is located at Union Street in Northampton and it has been there since 1976.

The shopping centre is popularly known for the regular sighting of a ghostly monk that is usually seen at night time.

For several years, residents of the area had reported seeing a grey shadowy figure dressed in a hood that was believed to be the monk.

People have also sensed the feeling of not being alone in the area when there is no one else there.

The monk is often seen at the Abington Street entrance and he is said to look out for the safety of the workers there, although that is up for debate.

4. Delapre Abbey, Northampton

The building that is used for the Delapre Abbey is made partly from the remains of a former monastery that stood there in the 15th century.

This was around the time that the Battle of Northampton took place and King Henry VI was said to be captured and held at the abbey.

It is believed that the nuns there treated the wounds of those that were injured and many of those that died were buried in the graveyard there.

There are many tales of a Grey lady that is regularly seen standing at the top of the main staircase of the abbey and there have been reports of people hearing the voices of nuns singing together.

5. BBC’s Northampton headquarters, Abington Street

This building used to be the first drive-through bank in the United Kingdom as well as a building society.

All the suspicion of ghosts began when some of the presenters and staff decided to go on a ghost hunt through the building.

They discovered hidden passageways and corridors that ran underneath the building and during their quest they faced a sharp drop in temperature that preceded a strange feeling prompting them to believe that the building might just be haunted.

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