Paranormal researcher PAUL ROOK explains why he dedicated two episodes of his Parasearch radio show to paranormal bullying

paranormal bullying

I run a radio show on Parasearch Radio called Paranormal Concept, and for one of my shows I decided to talk about the bullying that goes on in the Paranormal world at the moment.

Having fallen victim to bullying myself a few times, and learning to treat it like water off a duck’s back, I no longer share my opinions on social media sites as they often get misread and taken out of context.

One particular post I wrote on a well-known social media site had to be removed when all I spoke about was how annoying the bullying has gotten in the paranormal field!
I had said we should all learn to put our differences aside and respect and value each other as investigators and researchers.

This, however, caused outrage between a few people, who then subsequently decided to block me and then accuse me of stalking them, which I found amusing considering I had been blocked from their profile, so could not see anything they wrote anywhere. It was really quite ridiculous.

Anyway, I decided to hold a show on this very subject on paranormal bullying.

So for the show we sent out a post into social media land and the response we got back was phenomenal!

I was joined by Kerry Greenaway and Ashley Knibb for the show.

The general consensus was that bullying in any shape or form is not acceptable by a majority of those who responded.

One of the things we spoke about were cases of event companies being publicaly accused of fraud, leading others to jump on the bandwagon and slate them too. One company owner – who had been innocent – was so bullied he contemplated suicide.

If you suspect any team or company of doing something illegal you should not slate them or ridicule them publicly. Report them to the authorities and let them investigate the company. There is no need to bully them so they feel the only way out is to die! Whether or not they are guilty or not its not the issue.

Paranormal bullying is never okay

We went on to discuss a Most Haunted picture that had graced social media, and the appalling attacks Most Haunted received over it. OK, it could have been a publicity stunt, however, did they really deserve some of the disgusting and vile things said about them?

As much as I have my own personal opinions about Most Haunted and the cast, I don’t think they did deserve cyber bullying, and I do have a bit of respect for them for bringing the Paranormal into the public domain. If it wasn’t for them and other shows then most of the teams out there would not have come about!

It baffles me why some people and teams think they are better than other teams. As someone pointed out in our radio chatroom during the show, it’s no different than stating “my knowledge of the unknown is better than your knowledge of the unknown!”

I have always stated that NO one, including myself, can claim to be an Expert in the Paranormal Field as it’s all theory and we are all learning.

Have respect for other peoples opinions and if you hear a theory, then test that theory and document it and supply evidence. There is no need to bully someone.

This show on paranormal bullying prompted a second show, with Paul Stevenson. The links for both shows are below for you to listen to and hopefully, we will help us all become a little more respectful.


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