Is 10 Downing Street in London haunted?


MJ STEEL COLLINS looks at the terrors that lurk at the British Prime Minister’s residence at haunted 10 Downing Street in London…

haunted 10 downing street ghosts

10 Downing Street, the most famous address in British politics, boasts a number of spooks.

One, a man in Regency dress, might be that of a former Prime Minister, and puts in frequent, if quick appearances both inside and outside the residence. He was seen regularly by workmen carrying out renovation work during the 1950s and 60s.

Another male ghost in a top hat can be seen trooping across the entrance hall, straight through a closed door.

Policemen on duty are regularly confused when they go to investigate the sound of footsteps in the building, only to find nobody was in the place where the sound was heard.

Little girl ghost creeps in basement of haunted 10 Downing Street

The spirit of a little girl haunts the basement, taking the hand of anyone walking down there.

The inexplicable smell of cigars has some wondering if Winston Churchill haunts the basement too.

The grand Pillared Drawing Room, where state functions are held and international agreements signed, is haunted by a woman wearing a striking pearl set.

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