Barbara Lowe, Interview with a Psychic Medium

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Spooky Isles talks to a London psychic medium Barbara Lowe about the dangers of Ouija boards, Dick Turpin and how clearing ghosts can be hazardous to your heath!

Barbara Lowe during an paranormal investigation in Epping Forest, Essex.
Barbara Lowe during an paranormal investigation in Epping Forest, Essex.

“If a spirit’s pain has been due to torture, I will physically feel it. I have been blown up, cut in half, shot, stabbed, the only thing I haven’t had is being decapitated by a train. I have had a motorbike wedged in my side. That was fun!”

Barbara Lowe is a psychic medium who specialises in clearing properties of spirits.

Barbara, who runs White Light Paranormal in East London, has been working as a professional medium since the age of 19. She has over 20 years experience working as a medium and has some strange stories to tell.

“I was 6 years old when I started seeing spirits,” Barbara says. “I rebelled against it when I was a teen – I hated it! Then I started to realise it’s a gift that I can’t get rid of.”
The Spooky Isles was interested in what it actually means to be a Psychic Medium “clearing” spirits from properties. So we had a chat with Barbara.

SPOOKY: “What process do you follow when you do a clearing?”

BARBARA LOWE: “First we walk around and find the hot spot. Then we find out why it’s there and what it is. Eventually, I will open the light up and send it on but sometimes it’s a fight and they don’t want to go. Then it gets interesting. I normally take Ann with me – she’s still training with me. But I will not let her take a spirit on if it’s a full negative.”

SPOOKY: “What do you do if it is full negative?”

BARBARA LOWE: “That’s where I have fun depends on what it is. If it’s a shape shifter I have got to use removal degrees like an anti-summoning for demonics. They are the ones that will hurt you. In the past I’ve had metal ripped out of the wall and thrown at me – it missed though! That was a murderer from the 1800s – he killed a family and was summoned by an Ouija board”

I discover that the seemingly innocent process of “playing” with an Ouija board can lead to long-term ramifications. In fact, anything that invites spirits into our world can be hazardous.

This part of the conversion leads Barbara to tell me about her first and only experience about a woman being possessed by spirits. She says possession is “very, very, very rare”.

BARBARA LOWE: “The possessed woman went on a paranormal workshop – the bloke that ran the course was a demonologist. The people in the group begged him to do a summoning and she wasn’t very happy with it.

“Well, the next day, (the demonologist) told them how to open up to spirits. That night they did a ghost hunt and the woman felt unwell but did nothing about it.

“When she got home, a few days later she had a spirit say to her: ‘I am your guide. Do you want to do automatic writing so we can communicate?’ So she did that and (after that) every time she put the light out, she had a kind of fit, like something was coming out of her throat.

“I was the third medium that was called – she even had a priest come and carry out an exorcism.

“When I got there, there were four spirits in the house. There was a little three-year-old girl playing and four others – not nice, I removed them all. Then she said look at what happens when I put protection up. Never seen anything like it.

“The little girl was part of her house, the other four followed her. One pretended to be her guide. The automatic writing was an invitation for the shape shifter to possess her. The spirits were working as a group.”

“So automatic writing is bad like Ouija?” I ask for clarification.

“Yes, so is scrying. Scrying is when you look into a mirror and ask the spirit to change your face. It’s an invite – never invite!”

As we talk, Barbara tells me that she has given her guides the night off.

“I am fully closed down at the moment. I like them to have fun too and to be with their families,” she said.

I ask Barbara where her guides go.

“When I send my guides off to report in, I have no idea where they go. But I think it’s to Archangel Michael. Jack (a spirit guide) once told Mary how the guides work – he got a bollocking big time. Isaac (the head spirit guide) went mad.”

On her biggest case so far

“Let’s think – the biggest crossing was a plague pit – over 200. That was in Dagenham.”

On clearing spirits being a hazardous occupation

“I have been scratched, bruised up and nearly pushed down the stairs. I still got a whacking bruise on my knee from a chair being thrown at me.

“If (a spirit’s) pain has been due to torture, I will physically feel it. I have been blown up, cut in half, shot, stabbed, the only thing I haven’t had is being decapitated by a train. I have had a motorbike wedged in my side. That was fun!”

On meeting the infamous highway Dick Turpin and other nasties

“I know Dick Turpin – he is such a nice guy NOT! We have had a few run-ins in Epping. Very nasty, he killed and raped and loved it!

“We met one of his henchmen. We call him ‘Mr Man in the Black Cape’ he won’t give a name. He normally throws the table at me if we do table tipping. He shot three men with their own guns. We have his voice on the website saying get out. HE doesn’t like me one bit – well, I did try to trap him, so he doesn’t like me for that.

“When you pass over and become a spirit and you were a murderer etc, you never change; you will be the same even when you pass over. So the bad stay that way. I have never known a spirit however evil to kill somebody but I have known them to harm. If they really try to harm, it will take too much energy on their part. I when I am doing a clearing, I like them trying to use the energy up, so it makes it easy for me to get rid of them.”

On talking to dead relatives

BARBARA: “I have talked to my Nan on mum’s side and my aunt; she passed when she was eight.”

SPOOKY: “What did your Nan say to you?”

BARBARA: “Well, Nan is old school and doesn’t like vacuum cleaners. I talk to her a lot as well as my Dad. He comes on investigations – they have a normal life like we do.”

On ghosts in Graveyards

BARBARA: “There’s no energy in graveyards. The grounded spirits need energy so they much prefer to go to your doctors’ surgery than the graveyard.”

SPOOKY: “Why a doctors surgery?”

BARBARA: “Fear and emotion – it’s a powerful energy. They need that to keep going. Where do you think you would find the most ghosts in the one place?”

SPOOKY: “I guess a hospital, from what you are telling me, or a jail.”

BARBARA: “Well done! You could have also tried court.”

SPOOKY: “So Nottingham Court and Prison where I visited recently would have been a perfect place to go – because there were executions there too!”

BARBARA: “Oh yes. There will be residual there too – like an echo of the past.

White Light Paranormal has a website here.

Video interview with Barbara Lowe


  1. Wow, Barbara sounds like an incredible psychic medium – I very much enjoyed reading your interview with her. practicing as a psychic medium can be so dangerous, what a brave lady. It sounds like despite the risks and dangers involved, Barbara truly appreciates and embraces her gift.

  2. “I’ve had metal ripped out of the wall and thrown at me”
    This sounds so scary! I don’t know how I would cope in this situation. I would have to phone Barbara I think.


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