Ripper Street: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Ripper Street was a BBC TV series set in the aftermath of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. Here are 10 things you may not have known about the historical crime drama.

The cast of Ripper Street, from left, Capt Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg), Long Susan (MyAnna Buring), Det Insp Edmund Matthew Macfayen and Det Sgt Benet Drake (Jerome Flynn).
The cast of Ripper Street, from left, Capt Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg), Long Susan (MyAnna Buring), Det Insp Edmund Matthew Macfayen and Det Sgt Benet Drake (Jerome Flynn).
  • Ripper Street is a British TV series set in Victorian-era London, focusing on the aftermath of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. The show follows a team of detectives in the Metropolitan Police’s H Division as they investigate crimes in the gritty, often dangerous streets of London’s East End.
  • The show premiered in 2012 on BBC One, and later aired on Amazon Prime after the network cancelled it after the second season. Ripper Street was initially cancelled by the BBC after its second season due to declining ratings, but Amazon Prime later picked it up and commissioned three more seasons. (Read how Spooky Isles created the campaign to save Ripper Street with our petition!)
  • The series stars Matthew Macfadyen as Detective Inspector Edmund Reid, Jerome Flynn as Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake, and Adam Rothenberg as Captain Homer Jackson. The three main characters each bring their own unique skills and perspectives to the investigations, and their interactions are a key part of the show’s appeal.
  • The show’s title was inspired by the nickname of the real-life East London district where the Ripper murders occurred. Whitechapel, the area where the Ripper committed his crimes, was known as “Ripper Street” in the aftermath of the murders.
  • Ripper Street was created by Richard Warlow, who based the show on real historical events and characters, but also incorporated fictional elements. The show draws on real-life events and figures from the late 19th century, such as the Elephant Man and the Irish Nationalist terrorist bombings, but also weaves in fictional storylines and characters.
  • The show’s depiction of Victorian-era London is highly detailed and accurate, thanks in part to the use of real historical locations and sets. Many scenes were filmed on location in Dublin, which has a number of well-preserved Victorian-era buildings, while others were shot on elaborate sets designed to replicate the streets of Whitechapel.
  • The series features a number of notable guest stars, including Iain Glen, David Threlfall, and Joseph Mawle. These actors and others add depth and complexity to the show’s various storylines, and their performances are often a highlight of the series.
  • The show’s music, composed by Dominik Scherrer, has been widely praised for its atmospheric and evocative quality. Scherrer’s score incorporates elements of classical music, traditional Irish music, and even early electronic music, and is an important part of the show’s overall mood and tone.
  • Ripper Street has been critically acclaimed for its performances, writing, and production values, with many reviewers comparing it favourably to other historical dramas like Boardwalk Empire and Peaky Blinders. The show’s attention to detail and the quality of its writing and acting have helped it to stand out in a crowded field of period dramas.
  • The series ran for five seasons and a total of 37 episodes, concluding in 2016 with a highly acclaimed final season that wrapped up the show’s various storylines. The final season was praised by critics and fans alike for its emotional depth and satisfying conclusion to the show’s various plotlines.

Over its five seasons, Ripper Street kept audiences on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns, and left a lasting impact on the television landscape. If you’re a fan of gritty historical crime dramas, then Ripper Street is definitely a must-watch.

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