Bucket of Blood Pub: Macabre Story Behind Gruesome Name


The Bucket of Blood pub Hayle has a macabre legend of a gruesome murder behind its unique name, says RICK HALE

The Bucket of Blood in Cornwall has a gruesome legend behind its name - and ghosts to go with it!
The Bucket of Blood in Cornwall has a gruesome legend behind its name – and ghosts to go with it!

Bucket Of Blood

14 Churchtown Road, Phillick, Hayle TR27 5 AE

English pubs are world famous for having quirky names. Names that are usually based on an animal or something unusual that occurred in its history.

In the small seaside town of Hayle, Cornwall, is The Bucket Of Blood, a macabre name, based on a grisly tale that may have resulted in the pub being haunted.

Origins of the Bucket of Blood pub

This Grade II listed building is believed to have been built in the 18th century. Although its foundations are believed to be much older.

Being in a port town, The Bucket Of Blood was a well known haven of ruthless pirates and cutthroat smugglers.

The pub was a favourite place to have a drink before heading back to sea. Or, taking care of nefarious business in town.

Over the years, there has been a great deal of speculation on how the pub got its unique name.

The most accepted story comes from an alleged incident that occurred centuries ago.

According to legend, the landlord went out to the well to fetch a bucket of water.

When he pulled the bucket up, he was shocked to discover the bucket filled with a thick crimson fluid, blood.

When the well was inspected, the horribly mutilated corpse of the local revenue officer was found at the bottom of the well.

Town officials believed the officer may have questioned the wrong people, and ended up on the business end of a dagger.

Whoever these murderous brigands were, dumped the body into the well and we’re long gone by the time the body was discovered.

The Haunting Of The Bucket Of Blood

Although this macabre tale is debatable, what isn’t debatable is that for many years staff and patrons have experienced strange activity and caught glimpses of ghostly figures lurking in the pub.

And some of these encounters can only be described as hair-raising.

The Monk

Although the building that houses the pub was built in the 18th century. It’s foundations are believed to be associated with a building dating back to the 12th century.

This may explain the unnerving appearance of a phantom monk.

Upon opening for the day or closing at night, staff have reported the presence of a phantom monk in a black robe moving about the pub.

Several stunned patrons have reported seeing the spectre hiding in the darkened corners of the pub. And then vanish before their eyes.

The Bloody Ghost

Outside the pub, near the old well, people have reported seeing the battered and bloody form of a confused man wandering around.

Although this ghost has only been spotted a handful of times, it’s believed to be the ghost of the revenue officer who met his fate at the bottom of the well.

Poltergeist Activity

On numerous occasions staff have come in to open the pub for business and discovered a disconcerting sight.

Some time during the course of the night some unknown person rearranged tables and chairs. And broken glasses as well as throwing objects around.

The people who work at the pub attribute the vandalism to a poltergeist.

And it’s not just inatimate objects this poltergeist goes after. Some stuff have claimed to be grabbed or pushed by the poltergeist.

The Bucket Of Blood in Phillick, Hayle, Cornwall, is a traditional pub known for its warm inviting atmosphere.

Where people can have a drink and a laugh while enll

Recently the owners, St. Austell Brewery, have brewed their own house beer, of course named, Bucket Of Blood. A beer any ghost fan would love to taste in this notoriously haunted pub.

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