Photographing a Ghost 1898 REVIEW


TITLE: Photographing a Ghost
DIRECTOR: George Albert Smith
CAST: Unknown
PLOT: Photographer tries to take a picture of a ghost, but it won’t keep still and then vanishes.
FUN FACT: One of the first “horror films” ever made.

140-CHARACTER MINI REVIEW: I am still trying to find a copy of it.

IMDB LINK: Click here

PHOTOGRAPHING a Ghost is one of the earliest horror films made in the UK. A pioneering effort in its own right by George Albert Smith, the film according to the Edison Company in 1900:

“Shows what can be done by an enthusiastic amateur with a 4×5 Kodak. The picture reveals the artist with his camera in position. Two men come in with a trunk, labeled GHOST. The photographer carefully opens the trunk, and up rises a tall, white Thing. It glides around, and just as the artist is ready, it disappears. He is greatly mystified; and more so than ever, when the ghost reappears, apparently from nowhere, and after floating around, steps back into the trunk. The photographer promptly sits on the lid and locks it with an air or relief. He gets up, turns around, and there stands Mr. Ghost, behind him. The ghost becomes active, and chairs are thrown around in a very lively fashion. The photographer finally sinks down in despair and gives up the job.”

I am trying to find the video to put it up.


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