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Thriller (S3, E3): Death To Sister Mary REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at the Thriller episode Death To Sister Mary

Thriller (S1, E5): The Colour Of Blood (1973) REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at The Colour of Blood, an outstanding entry from the first series of Thriller
Scariest moments in Doctor Who: The Sea Devils

10 Doctor Who Scariest Moments

DOCTOR WHO has terrified fans for more than 50 years. CHRIS NEWTON picks his 10 scariest moments in the legendary BBC series...

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell TV Episode Guide

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell screened on the BBC in 2012 - ANDREW GARVEY reviews each of the episodes.

Hammer House of Horror: Rude Awakening (Episode 3)

ANDREW GARVEY reviews Rude Awakening, the third episode in Hammer House of Horror Television Series

Dracula TV Series 2012 REVIEW

ANDREW GARVEY has watched the first series of Dracula starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and this is what he thought...

Hammer House of Horror: The Thirteenth Reunion (Episode 2)

ANDREW GARVEY reviews episode 2 in Hammer House of Horror Television Series, The Thirteenth Reunion


Moondial was one of the BBC's spookiest kids shows of the 1980s. SIMON BALL takes a look back...

Dracula by the Purple Playhouse (1973), Canada’s forgotten vampire film

Dracula by the Purple Playhouse wasn't one of the CBC's finest efforts, says TERRY SHERWOOD

Thriller (S3, E6): The Next Scream You Hear REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at the Thriller episode The Next Scream You Hear.
Dr Who The Daemons

Dr Who: 10 Things You Might Not Know About The Daemons

CHRIS NEWTON reveals some interesting facts about 1971 Dr Who serial The Daemons...
Enzo Cilenti in Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Enzo Cilenti interview: “Childermass is a Yorkshire Jedi”

ANDREW GARVEY speaks to Enzo Cilenti about playing Childermass in Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and his upcoming role in Jekyll and Hyde

In Search of Dracula 2020 TV REVIEW

TERRY SHERWOOD reviews In Search of Dracula, Mark Gattiss' documentary exploring the history of the king of vampires...

Count Dracula 1977 BBC TV REVIEW

TERRY SHERWOOD looks back at the 1977 BBC television production of Dracula starring Louis Jourdan as the king of vampires

Remembering Channel 4’s Monster Horrors Season (1986)

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES commemorates a great horror season from his youth - 30 years ago this week!

Thriller (series 1, episode 2): Possession (1973) REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at Thriller: Possession (1973) TV episode
Blackadder's Christmas Carol

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol 1988 TV REVIEW

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, which first aired on the BBC in 1988, is an inventive reimagining of the Dickens classic, says CHRISTINE MILLER

The Goodies go Gothic! Cecily episode REVIEW

The Goodies are hired to look after a "lonely" little girl. But is she lonely because she kills all her staff?
Beasts Baby

Baby: Beasts REVIEW

CHRIS NEWTON looks back on 1970s classic horror television from Nigel Kneale with Beasts: Baby episode
The real-life locations of Devil's End in the classic Doctor Who serial The Daemons can be seen in Aldbourne in Wiltshire.

Welcome to the real Devil’s End, as seen in Doctor Who: The Daemons

BARRY McCANN goes behind the scenes of Doctor Who classic The Daemon's and visits the real Devil's End - Aldbourne, Wiltshire

The Changes 1975 TV REVIEW

The Changes is a spooky children's sci-fi TV classic from 1975. SIMON BALL looks back on the series.

30 things you never knew about A Ghost Story for Christmas

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES unearths some facts on the production and locations of a much loved British TV institution.
VHS Horror

Friday Night Frights, Horror on 1980s TV

New horror film column, The Brit Crypt, with RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES stars today

Schalcken the Painter 1979 BBC TV REVIEW

SIMON BALL looks at the classic 1970s BBC television production of Schalcken the Painter

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